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Feb 28, 2010

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Peekskill, NY

Drinking Age - Peekskill, NY

It's not broke,don't fix it  (Dec 11, 2011 | post #2)

Peekskill, NY

those nasty Brickhouses still in town?

I would like to associate with your friends and family, for surely they all are Saints and Angels. I'm sure none of them ever broke any law and all are model human beings. I really do deal sorry for you, as it is evident all you have to do in life is cast dispersions on people who obviously you do not know. I invite you to go back to Peekskill (If you ever lived there) and share your wisdom and comments with them. I'm sure you could wave your magic hands and immediately transform all of them into perfect human beings like your-self. Either way I'll bet you'll find out if you have any 'hand skills".  (Apr 2, 2011 | post #2)

Peekskill, NY

Peekskill man arrested on felony drug counts at apartment...

My response to your raving is first a questuion. If you knew for a fact that these people were dealing drugs, why didn't you report it ? Also to imply that their relatives should be arrested is casting dispersions on people who have made no claim to have known, about their activities. Ergo, maybe you should be arrested for criminal facilitation, after all you said you knew about it (drug dealing) as a fact. Lastly, these people (the accused) are innocent until proven guilty, not as you would like it,judging by your comments!  (Feb 28, 2010 | post #4)