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Apr 18, 2013

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West Plains, MO

Marijuana - West Plains, MO

and the majority of all "potheads " never do too much weed< cause after soo much they pass out and sleep better than all you high and mighty, self observed d*cks sleeping on your sertas wearing your night mask and skin cream, who btw judge us lower class out of ignorance and spite. Hurry the hell up and make weed legal so you have more time and energy to spend cracking down on the shit that is actually harmful.  (Apr 18, 2013 | post #295)

West Plains, MO

Marijuana - West Plains, MO

How many people do you hear about killing someone in a car accident cause they smoked maurijuana or someone beating there spouse or kids cause they get angry when they light up? go ahead and research the numbers and then compare them to what numbers come up when you research the people that abuse alcoholic and kill someone driving intoxicated or beats on people when there drunk? I smoked for a few years straight and i did hold down a job and pay my mother f***ing taxes thank you, you power hungry, controlling, stereotypical a**holes. theres alot of people out there who function just fine if not better all day every day smokin it. Alcohol is man made, marijuana grows from the earth and if our government took advantage of the huge profit margin they would make from all the people that would buy legalized and taxed marijuana with the money they make from there JOBS then our economy would improve. Theres a million and one things out there we sell to our kids that are used excessively and have far worse effects than marijuana. SO SUCK IT B*TCHS!!!  (Apr 18, 2013 | post #294)

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Wherever i deem right at the time.

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The people i love

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Im finding new meanings in life from new experiences and tapping into what potential knowledge others take for granted.

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we can only learn from ourselves..

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observing life from all angles to better understand human nature, our thought processes, emotions, and bizarre reasoning for our ignorant decisions.

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The survival of mankind through all our downfalls, the fact that shit happens and it doesnt need a reason, coincidences, and true love but not happily ever afters.