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Jan 24, 2010

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cat 3406e diesel specs

so it's similar to the series 60 detriot then. ok thank you.  (Jan 24, 2010 | post #10)


cat 3406e diesel specs

What is the injector setting for the 3406-E. Is it a clearence or an inch pound torque setting. your information on adjusting 3 intake and 3 exhaust valves at the 1 tdc position and the same for 6 tdc really saved time i used to turn each cylinder to tdc before adjusting. my cat is 435 hp with 450 max hp. but i was told when buying it from the dealership that it had a computer upgrade to a 500 hp, does this sound possible or were the just stroking me. Thanks for your time Mark  (Jan 24, 2010 | post #8)