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Oct 4, 2013

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would anyone like to donate for a funeral expenses anyth...

this is to help my cousin pay for the funeral of his girlfiend her name is angie oxley from stalbans wv it happened on october 3 at 8 p.m as she was walking to get her pay check to get dinner for her kids.she was with her 2 children which 1 of them was in a wagon withch she is for years old an he teenage daughter was pulling when all of a sudden a truck ran off the road and hit her mom and the impact killed her instantly fortunatly the childrn were no harmed physically but mentally it's terrifying the guy that hit her got away with it the police said it was his word against my little cousin word which is 16. my cousin has no job and is on disability and is trying too get help from any one for the funeral costs thanks for your time... if u would like to give something here is a website u can do to his name is jeff paul an he has 4 lil girls that will miss there mommy so much the ages go from 16,8,7, an 4 years of age thanks....http://w emorial-fundraiser /help-jeff-/93928  (Oct 4, 2013 | post #1)