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Nov 3, 2009

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Oceana, WV

Who was/is the better President?

I agree with you 100% Obama sucks. why would you even want someone like him as president. He's not making things better hes making them WORST.  (Nov 3, 2009 | post #7)

Manchester, KY

ted eversole

first and for most those of you that think you have ted figured out and want to write all the rude comments about him you are WRONG. he is one of the best ppl you will ever meet. not only is he a great person but he is also an extremely GREAT preacher. he tells you like it is. he dont sugar coat anything and that is a good thing. it is plan and simple if youre not saved and following gods way of life then youre going to HELL. as far as the kid that was running all over the church and being disrespectful ted had every right to tell that kid to sit down. you know they make medicine for adhd why didnt the parents give its medicine before it came to church. god sends everyone of us to church for a reason. there could have been someone at church that night that needed god in their life or god could have been knocking at their heart. how can someone concentrate when there is a kid running around the church and want sit down. i have news for the parents of that kid if someone there that night would have beeen distracted by that kid and they wouldnt have got saved then it would have been the partents faught because they didnt make that kid mind. what if that person would have not gotten saved and left that night and got in a wreck and died would the parents feel bad for it? probably not because they didnt even have enough respect for ted so he could get the word across because they sure didnt want to make their kid mind. so for all of the rude comments they just need to stop. ted keep up the good work i think youre a AWESOME preacher and i dont care what everyone else has to say. Love, Kimberly Smith  (Nov 3, 2009 | post #15)