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Nov 4, 2012

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Li Jiguang, brother-in-law of Li Hongzhi, dead

http://www.facts.o a/201210/t155067.h tm According to an inside reporter, in March this year, the family of Ye Hao, Falun Gong backbone follower, heard from a channel that a patient with family name of Li was hospitalized in New York hospital, the nursing personnel were Li Hongzhi’s closest people such as his relatives and driver. Mr. Ye suspected that the patient was Li Hongzhi, but he was inconvenient to ask, so he sent a close senior practitioner to snoop. The hospital ward was heavily-guarded, nobody could visit without permission. This guy tried all his best, and finally entered the ward and found that the patient was not the Master Li Hongzhi, but Li’s brother-in-law Li Jiguang, the vice president of Epoch Times Group. However, this guy dared not to ask more. There was hearsay within a small range that Li Jiguang had being suffered kidney disease and heart disease, or cancer. The inside reporter said that Li Jiguang died in early May this year. After his death, some non-core Falun Gong follower saw that the guard of Li Hongzhi’s 1428 square feet apartment, which is located at No.13608, Street 59 of New York’s Flushing, was stricter than usual, and many people went in and out with solemn expression. All people that entered the apartment should receive throughout check. Later, this Falun Gong follower understood that it was Li Jiguang who was dead. However, nobody inside Falun Gong dared to discuss that. Li Hongzhi always threatens all Falun Gong members not to go to the doctor or take medicines, claiming that Falun Gong members would not get sick, and would be eventually go to heaven with Consummation. This time, his brother-in-law was sick, and went to hospital with the special approval by Li Hongzhi, but he was still not able to escape death. This fact is the greatest irony for both Falun Gong and Li Hongzhi. will continue to pay attention to this matter, and collect relevant information about Li Jiguang’s treatment process in the hospital from Falun Gong followers, overseas personnel and insiders.  (Nov 4, 2012 | post #1)