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Mar 31, 2009


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all serving us armed forces personnel look at this pic an...

...bow your heads in shame! "In a former,more normal era the coy,battalion and brigade commanders would have been shot,.the men would have mutinied and the SecDef would've resigned and moved to Micronesia;things have changed. Such is the power of Organised Faggotry. " http://karanjazpla 2015/07/the-negro- potus-in-africa-re presenting.html Sometimes I think its better to let everything burn and start afresh from the ground up. I know thats the result of years of homo propaganda but still....  (Nov 19, 2016 | post #1)


Btw,not that it matters,but Hillary died on 9/11/16

I'd like to believe the Don is for real but blind faith always sets us up for disappointment in politics. I'll believe it when I see it though I do think this a massive blow against the Zio Elite  (Nov 11, 2016 | post #5)


Btw,not that it matters,but Hillary died on 9/11/16

In fact ABC made the announcement. "Almost immediately the info was erased from the web. We were told she had lunch at her daughters but her handlers made a major boo boo. They not only changed her jacket but had her lose at least 20 pounds!" http://karanjazpla 2016/11/dead-hilla ry-cgiclone-campai gn-stumbles.html Anyway the America First Faction has won!!  (Nov 9, 2016 | post #1)


yes,ancient chinese came from egypt says scientist..

My,my,my! If you insist have it your way. Have fun with your Cac ME group,the Hyksos without me. I swear,I wonder if professional trolls aren't paid to derail black history threads!  (Oct 26, 2016 | post #6)


yes,ancient chinese came from egypt says scientist..

Let me expound for the deliberately obtuse:the prof says black Egyptians migrated to early China. He provides CONCLUSIVE PROOF.  (Oct 26, 2016 | post #4)


yes,ancient chinese came from egypt says scientist..

...there was a thread about Black Chinese I forgot to bookmark and I can't find it. Anyway,here's the relevant info :“There is only one major river in the world which flows northwards. Which one is it?” the professor asked. “The Nile,” someone replied. Sun then showed a map of the famed Egyptian river and its delta — with nine of its distributaries flowing into the Mediterranean. This author, a researcher at the same institute, watched as audience members broke into smiles and murmurs, intrigued that these ancient Chinese texts seemed to better agree with the geography of Egypt than that of China." http://foreignpoli did-chinese-civili zation-come-from-a ncient-egypt-arche ological-debate-at -heart-of-china-na tional-identity/ Also ancient Shang bronzes of the first dynasty some 4000 years ago were found to be chemically Egyptian in origin." He found that the radioactivity of these Yin-Shang bronzes had almost exactly the same characteristics as that of ancient Egyptian bronzes, suggesting that their ores all came from the same source: African mines." This isn't news to me:what's new is the hypothesis suggesting the Egyptians travelled directly yo China and not via generations long trans Asian migration as previously thought. Imo,the identity of early China is settled.  (Oct 26, 2016 | post #1)


Are the Tutsis of Rwanda originally from Somalia?

YEBOYEBOH AND ALL OTHER TUTSIS,ANSWER ME THIS: What is ;'gapfuruba,' especially in the context of mixed Tutsi/Hutu marriages? Thanks  (Sep 26, 2016 | post #1302)


s african coin warfare expert reveals european hand behi...

BH exists to balkanise Nigeria.  (Oct 12, 2015 | post #16)


ny bros,is this the real nypd?

Yes,but for how long? For how long must you suffer Sandra Bland/Mike Brown incidents? You do know there are such unreported cases daily?  (Oct 10, 2015 | post #3)

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