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Jul 16, 2009

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News on 6 Tulsa

Tulsa Police Looking For Missing Woman

This photo reminds me of the C.S. Lewis sermon, "The Weight of Glory." She may be a drug addict and she may have mental problems but she is one of Gods children and someday she may be even more beautiful then any of us could ever imagine. She has a soul and a spirit and we should only hope that she will be found and her life will be restored to what God wants it to be.  (Sep 21, 2010 | post #8)

News on 6 Tulsa

Record Performance Lifts Oklahoma State Over Tulsa

Great point!!!! I'm still an OU/OSU/TU/Arkansas fan and hope they all win every game they have left in the season. (Except OU cause I have to hope OU doesn't beat OSU in the fall classic)  (Sep 19, 2010 | post #6)

News on 6 Tulsa

Green Country Family Frustrated After Loved One Killed By...

If you think they are discouraged now....wait until they plea bargain down this charge to a misd. and give him another deferred sentence or a suspended sentence. This state absolutely sucks when it comes to punishment for DUI and repeat DUI offenders. Our state leaders don't have the guts to put teeth into our punishment phase after conviction or admission of guilt. Oh, wait...he hasn't been charged yet. I'm not so sure the lab is dragging its feet as much as it's overwhelmed by all the cases it's having to work with so little money and manpower. Thanks again to our state legislature. It a good thing I'm not the judge these clowns would be facing upon conviction. BTW Judges don't have to accept any plea bargain offered by the "state". So they are just as much a part of the problem as anyone else involved in the process.  (Sep 9, 2010 | post #7)

Oklahoma Impact Team

Nearly 1,000 Oklahomans Put To Work Due To Stimulus Money

Why does this **** story keep circulating? These so called jobs are just temporary and almost all of them are going away once the government stops sending the money.  (Sep 4, 2010 | post #101)

Oklahoma Impact Team

Nearly 1,000 Oklahomans Put To Work Due To Stimulus Money

Yes there have been many who have been put back to work....temporaril y. Now that the money is drying up, those that got jobs are now facing unemployment again. Not all but many are going right back to drawing unemployment checks which again is just more of my tax money supporting the unemployed. Can anyone say.."artific ial economy"?  (Aug 25, 2010 | post #93)

News on 6 Tulsa

Former Catoosa Police Officer Gets Probation, Not Jail Time

Really people you have no clue about what you're complaining about when it comes to LEOs getting a sweater deal with the courts than an "average " citizen. Spend 6 months, every day, in Oklahoma courts and watch how many "average " citizens get even lighter sentences. It's almost a joke, if it wasn't so pathetic, how many people who may have done the same thing as this guy or even worse, not only get probation but also get a deferred sentence. That means if they keep their noses clean for the duration of their probation then their conviction is expunged from their record. This guy didn't get the "deferred " so he'll be a convicted felon for the rest of his life. Do you understand what that means when it comes to his rights as a citizen? Now here's the kicker. Those that have a deferred and get caught doing something that is deemed to be a violation of their probation probably won't go to jail, yet. Their deferred will plead down to a suspended and they still won't see a day in jail but they will now have a felony conviction on their record. Some of you are absolutely right, the court system is not fair. If it was we wouldn't have this **** we call deferred sentences or plea bargaining or suspended sentences. If you do the crime you pay the fine and do the time.......the same for everyone regardless of gender, age, race or social/economic position. But don't think this guy got any kind of favorable treatment because he was a cop. The truth is he WAS held to a higher standard and almost got a fair sentence. A lot worse then if he wasn't. Trust me, I've seen it more often then I like.  (Aug 13, 2010 | post #7)

News on 6 Tulsa

Stop Sticks Put An End To A High Speed Tulsa Police Chase

ROFLMBO Only in Oklahoma!  (Aug 6, 2010 | post #43)

News on 6 Tulsa

Two Mayor Service Plazas On Oklahoma Turnpikes To Close

I just have one question about this construction/renovation. WHY?  (Aug 6, 2010 | post #5)

News on 6 Tulsa

Tulsa Police Chief: No Talking To Anyone But Feds

You really don't understand why the Chief has done this. They have to talk to investigators and cannot talk outside the department which includes media and they can't warn informants or others who they know are involved. It's not closing the ranks as you imply but closing the gate to keep the horses in. The last thing this Chief will do is protect those that are involved. He's getting ready to really clean this department up and good for him.  (Aug 5, 2010 | post #5)

News on 6 Tulsa

Tulsa Burglary Suspect Out Of Jail For Third Time In Two ...

First off, the judge is NOT bound by any state law to set the bond at any particularly low figure. He can set it very high and let this clowns lawyer petition for a lower bond and that can be denied. The DA has a say so also. The DA can ask for very high bond and present to the judge the rational for the high bond. Second, even if he's found guilty, with this system the way it is, look for a slap on the wrist. Thank goodness he won't go before the same judge that set such a low bond amount, no matter what it was.  (Aug 5, 2010 | post #21)

News on 6 Tulsa

Truck Slams Into Tulsa Grocery Store

Geez, when has 58 been considered elderly? If that's the case what am I at 60? This story had to be written by some whipper-snapper. LOL  (Aug 4, 2010 | post #6)

News on 6 Tulsa

Henry Endorses Askins For Oklahoma Governor

Are you kidding me? This is news? Good grief!!!!  (Jul 29, 2010 | post #3)

News on 6 Tulsa

Tulsa Police Department Moving Forward With Recruitment P...

The idea that the TPD is a better department because it only hires those with college degrees has obviously been proven wrong. I'm not saying that it shouldn't be a consideration. Too bad there isn't a way to measure a persons moral character and integrity. I can tell you right now that there are a whole bunch of excellent professional and quality applicants out there, inside and outside the state, that won't get to even bat much less get to first base because they don't have a degree. Men and women who have proven themselves on the front line of the war on crime and yet don't "qualify ". Men and women who have exemplary service records in the military and respected departments. Maybe it's time to reconsider the "degree required" issue.  (Jul 27, 2010 | post #23)

News on 6 Tulsa

Tulsa Police Chief: Lying Results In Termination

When I was training to be a Tulsa Police Officer the "rule" was "you never lie"...period . In 1975 I was told that we had the cleanest department in the nation. You didn't lie in your reports and you didn't lie in an investigation of another officer and you darn sure didn't lie on the witness stand. To do any one of these ruined your credibility as an officer and pretty much ended your career as a police officer. Now? Well things have gotten so bad that the Chief HAS to remind everyone not to lie? Where did these officers loose the fundamental concept of telling the truth? "Justice " achieved by anything other then truth cannot be tolerated for it will forever be suspect. It isn't even real justice. Any conviction will forever be in doubt. I don't know what if anything these officers did or didn't do. That is for the courts to decide and these officers better hope that if they are innocent then the truth will be told and all the witnesses speak the truth. For only the truth should convict them if they are guilty and only the truth will set them free if they are innocent. Ironic, isn't it? BTW Don't judge the whole department over the charges filed on a few. That truly isn't fair to the good men and women who do their jobs honestly and with integrity.  (Jul 23, 2010 | post #17)

News on 6 Tulsa

Tulsa Police Helicopter Captures Chase

The idiots that post on this sight are too numerous to mention. A scanner doesn't differentiate which units are behind the stolen car or are assisting by running parallel. I suppose "just wondering" you'd like to see some kind of rule that limits the number of police units that can be involved so the thief gets a "fair" chase? This thief was a supreme danger to society, witnessed by how he drove, and needed to be caught and jailed. TPD, use as many units as it takes and if it's "just wondering" who is the victim, limit it to a couple and don't use the helicopter and lets read HIS next whine about how unfair HE was treated by the TPD. Thank God the officers DID use restraint and discipline because if they hadn't, there would have been one heck of a wreck at the intersection where the thief ran the red light and almost hit the black car. "Just wondering", you need get get a ride along with an evening officer and see the real world. Or maybe you already have numerous times and you've seen the real world from the back seat....ROFL. You putz! BTW How many cars were involved? You says lots? Well moron, don't be so vague. Give all of us you're wisdom and knowledge to prove how "slanted " this story is.  (Jul 20, 2010 | post #12)

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