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Dec 29, 2012

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Why I’m no longer a Christian

Hi, I was brought up in the church although not strictly - apart from attending sunday school. I lived my life and did my own thing until I was about 23 when I discovered 'religion' in my local Baptist church which was quite charismatic - as was the experience. I felt the 'calling' and spent 3 years studying theology and religious studies at the Bible Training Institute in Glasgow (BTI). I now have a Diploma for my troubles - or should I say struggles! Talk about being railroaded down a path that had no tolerance for deviation if it did not include concepts like evangelism or pre-destination. Talk about being railroaded down a path that had no concept of choice or opinions outside of itself. To my thinking being pre-destined cancelled out any need for being evangelistic. Why bother if it's been pre-destined? Oh and once saved always saved also annoyed me. God is supposed to change people from the inside out - something that was in VERY short supply so far as I could see. So your saved now, lets just go ahead and do what you like because your saved now. Anyway long story short - no really! I gave up on religion a while ago and now I feel free to be who I am and not what the congregation expect me to be. The bible says that the whole of creation is in sin and has to be renewed - even those who have been saved. Sin and sinning will be a fact of life for EVERYONE until the end. Ultimately we won't be completely free from it until things have been made new. So if the Holy Spirit is such an all powerfull catalyst for change - what happened? Don't get me wrong - I do not think that this view is an excuse to go ahead and do what you like either verbally or emotionally to other people. But I do think that a lot more people should have made a lot more effort to be a lot more different than they started out - especially with the holy spirit being so dynamicaly life changing. Conclusion: Religion is an opium for the masses. Rock on Freud.  (Dec 29, 2012 | post #430967)