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Mar 28, 2010

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Web Design

5 Ways That A Templated Website Can Hurt Your Business

The rise of the Internet has truly revolutionized the ways in which companies and organizations do business. However, in today’s business economy, simply having a website is not enough. Many businesses make the mistake of using a templated website, rather than investing in a custom, professionally-des igned website. Here is a list of just 5 reasons why having a cookie-cutter website can actually hurt your business. 1. Unprofessional – It’s important that your business maintain professionalism in every way. Cookie-cutter websites are often inefficient and cheap, two qualities you do not want to associate with your company or organization. Making a great impression immediately is necessary in the online business world. If a website looks clunky or outdated, customers will move on to another company. Customers prefer the dynamic and intuitive designs that are offered on professionally designed websites. Make sure your website accurately represents your business and stands out from the crowd by investing in a custom web design rather than a template. Read more at: http://www.proweb3 -a-templated-websi te-can-hurt-your-b usiness  (Mar 19, 2014 | post #1)

Web Design

WEB SITE -- THE Vehicle to Your Business Online Marketing...

A few decades ago, the consumers can see your ads when they turned on the TV, flip through a Newspaper, or open a Yellow book, which usually happened during breakfast, lunch, or after work hours. Today, the consumers can see your ads almost whenever they want. With a few clicks of the fingers on their mobile devices, the consumers can see your ads in seconds. Better yet, Internet and digital graphic have given birth to a new form of ads that is much better than the traditional ads – which is called the “web site”. With the website, your ads do not have to conform to the dimension specified by the publishers. You can have any dimension you want and as many words/graphic as you would like on your website. In addition, the consumers can view your website 24/7 while you are able to modify or change your website contents whenever you want. This beneficial part is just a small function the website offers. There are many other important things website can do for you and your business. http://www.proweb3 With the majority of consumers using the Internet for information they need, position your business online with a website is the most cost-effective promotion you will ever invest in. For affordable web design cost, you should look for web design companies that are willing to list their web design price right on the websites. These companies often price fairly and it also allows you to compare prices among different web design companies without filling out a request form and have to wait for days (if not weeks) for a web design quote to come. Source: http://www.gather. com/ tion?articleId=281 474981833477  (Jan 4, 2013 | post #1)


Rosingly! m is The Pursuit of Luxury Living. Daily Sales. 70% off retail. Designer sales for everything home. Curated daily. Up to 70% off retail on furniture, home decor, fashion and accessories.  (Oct 29, 2012 | post #1)

Web Design

3 - DON'T With Web Design

1. Don't distract your visitors with blinking or scrolling text, animated GIFs, or auto-loading sound. Animation and sounds are distracting. How can anyone concentrate on reading what's on your site when there are things flying around the page? It's like trying to read a newspaper when someone's poking you in the shoulder repeatedly. Also, visitors who have slow connections may resent that you wasted their time by forcing them to load animations and sound files against their will. (If you think that every has fast connections these days, think of the thousands of people at hotels, who are all sharing the same connection.) 2. Don't annoy your visitors with pop-up windows. Nobody likes popups. Here again, the only reason a site would have popups is because the site owner is thinking of his/her own interests rather than the readers. We all know that when we're browsing we hate popups, but suddenly when we switch hats and become the site owner, we lose our ability to see through the users' eyes. So let's remember to put ourselves in their shoes. Which of these reactions to popups is a visitor is more likely to have? (a) "A popup window, oh goody! I love sites with popups! I will make certain to bookmark this site and visit often. I will also certainly click the ad or links in the popup because I love them so much." (b) "@#&$! Whoever made this website obviously has no respect for me as a visitor. When I leave here I will never come back." for web design quote: https://www.proweb 3. Don't use put text over image backgrounds. Text over image backgrounds scream "amateur ", because it's mostly amateurish sites that use them. Quick, can you name a single professional, respected site that uses image backgrounds behind the text? Not Google, Yahoo, eBay, Amazon, the New York Times, Webmaster World, or any others. One reason that text over backgrounds scream "low quality" is because sites that use them are often user-hostile in many other ways as well. For example, when I visited a site recently and saw that they used an image background, I wasn't surprised to find that the site also has extremely slow page-loading times, internal links that pop up into brand-new windows, links that are the exact same color as the surrounding text, cheap animated GIFs, blatant keyword stuffing, and numerous embarrassing misspellings. [As further proof, I had to remove my link to that site from this article, because they went out of business.] Unfortunately, just as people were finally starting to clue in to the fact that background images behind text are cheap and garish, along came MySpace to repopularize a bad idea. It's not surprising that MySpace is a poster child for bad design in other ways, with obtrusive advertising, force-loading music, distracting animations, and super-slow-loading pages. I'm not the only one who feels that way. Here's how the world-famous Dan Piraro put it: "Badly designed, impossible to navigate, ugly, loud, depressing, reeking of death. How did this beast that is eating the fabric of our civilization and puking it up on the shoes of our future achieve such popularity?" But back to image backgrounds, another problem with them is that they take longer to load. One site I checked had a whopping 144k image background. Its home page takes sixteen times as long to load as the one you're reading now — even though it has far less useful information. That said, image backgrounds are fine if you know what you're doing. They can work if you make sure the contrast is very high (e.g. August Marketing), or you don't put any text over them (e.g., Flowers in Frames). Source: To get more about web design service, check out: http://www.proweb3  (Oct 29, 2012 | post #1)

Web Design

Web designer sells Detroit lot for $1 per sq. inch

Opp! the full story link has been broken. I think many people tend to invest in mobile web design in recent time. don't you think so? It's easier to get job if you know how to do with mobile web design. http://www.proweb3 design  (Oct 29, 2012 | post #13)

Web Design

Web Design Jobs Program For Students Created By DjO Desig...

Great news! intern job can be a good chance for student to get experience. This is my first project when doing as a intern job: http://www.proweb3  (Oct 29, 2012 | post #2)

Web Design

Adapt Today for Tomorrow Success!

Many businesses that have been around for years have a large customer or client base. This allows many of them to get by without delving into Internet marketing campaigns or print marketing. These businesses benefit from their long-term reputations. http://www.proweb3 But things are changing. Consumer behavior is changing, and this impacts both the business environment, and how businesses will need to adapt to be successful in the coming years. The economic crash of 2008 still has consumers worried about their financial security, and today they’re paying more attention to their spending than they did pre-2008. Internet search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing make it easier for consumers to compare prices and deals; and they are taking advantage of these tools to save money and get the most bang for their buck. In addition, mobile devices and free, widespread public Wifi Internet access have put consumers just clicks away from finding the best prices for the products and services they want. From the birth of Apple’s iPad to the growing demand for smart-pads, companies are moving quicker to meet consumer demands. Recognizing that smart-pads are the tools consumers use the most (in the hand-held mobile device family) to access the web, Google recently tapped into the smart-pad market with its Nexus tablet product. Observing the economy, consumer behaviors, and technology trends in the last decade, you will see these are the three key contributors in today’s changing business environment. Consumers today are so comfortable with the Internet, particularly working professionals and the younger generations, that the majority of their socializing time happens online; through email, text, gaming, Internet free chat, social media, etc. This means businesses that have previously been able to ride the coat tails of their past success will need to become more innovative in their marketing to adapt to the changing ways people choose what to buy. If they don’t adapt in our changing environment, they’ll lose their edge to competitors that do. Information travels faster than ever before, on the Internet and over the phone. New marketing tools such as website, spiral marketing, email marketing, text marketing, Google ads, banner ads, etc. are some of the most powerful tools to help businesses build an effective brand image and reputation, in a short period of time. Not long ago a business’ reputation may have taken a decade to build; now it may take only a few years. A real-life example of this is Yellow Book vs. Google. Early in this article I mentioned how long-term businesses have historically been able to rely on their past success and reputation. But today even successful businesses should continue to build on their existing reputations in our fast changing environment. A good perception in the past needs to continue to be communicated in new ways, because a majority of current and potential consumers today are using different ways to learn about your products and services. The question is not, “should these businesses enter online marketing?” The question is, “how soon and how well will they prepare and position themselves against their competition, before it is too late?” All that said, here is my advice for businesses today....more at: http://www.proweb3 -for-tomorrow-succ ess  (Oct 16, 2012 | post #1)

Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis announces new police misconduct process

MINNEAPOLIS - The City of Minneapolis announced a new procedure Monday for handling claims of police misconduct. The Mayor and City Council approved the new process, which is aimed at making the review process more effective for the people who file complaints and the officers mentioned in those complaints. It is also meant to increase confidence and trust in police oversight. All complaints about officers will now go to the new Office of Police Conduct Review, where civilian and police managers will decide what course to take. https://www.proweb s-seo-company According to the City, minor offenses can go straight to the officer's supervisor for action. Cases can also go to mediation, where the complainants and officers meet with mediators to resolve the situations. Allegations of more severe misconduct prompt a full investigation, and the heads of the office decide whether a civilian or a police investigator should handle a particular case. Completed investigations go to the Police Conduct Review Panel, which is made up of two civilians and two sworn officers. The four members will make final recommendations to the Minneapolis Police Chief, who has the ultimate responsibility to take action. http://www.proweb3 rketing-seo/  (Oct 1, 2012 | post #1)

iPhone App

Designer iPhone 5 Wood Cases

Custom Luxury Case From MakeDirect. The company has just announced that they are launching and all-new line of iPhone 5 Hardwood Cases. Each of these is custom made and users can get any phrase they wish engraved on the back. In addition to customizable cases, the MakeDirect website offers a variety of different illustrations engraved on the back. http://makedirect. com/wooden-iphone5 -cases-collection- 114  (Sep 18, 2012 | post #1)

Tim Viec Lam Nhanh de dang tai web Tuyen Dung hang dau VN

Tim viec làm. website cung cap dich vu tim kiem viec lam truoc tuyen. ho tro tim viec lam va dang tin tuyen dung mien phi tai http://www.nghengh hoặc http://tuyendung.n  (Aug 5, 2011 | post #53)

Viec Lam | Get New Jobs in Vietnam

Nghenghiepviet has been one of largest online recruiter websites in Vietnam, having served thousands companies and hundreds-of-thousa nds job seekers since its inception in2006. For job-seekers, we provide free online access to thousands of jobs and extensive career development resources. For employers, Nghenghiepviet provides online job posting services, a searchable database with hundreds of thousands of CVs and print job advertisements in popular local newspapers Take a Tour to Vietnam and Get your Jobs http://www.nghengh  (Aug 5, 2011 | post #1)


Notable Deaths in the Entertainment World in 2009

http://www.nghengh has been one of largest online recruiter websites in Vietnam, having servedthousands companies and hundreds-of-thousa nds jobseekers since its inception in2006. For job-seekers, we provide free online access to thousands of jobs andextensive career development resources. For employers, Nghenghiepviet providesonline job posting services, a searchable database with hundreds of thousandsof CVs and print job advertisements in popular local newspapers  (Jul 30, 2011 | post #3)

Day Trading

Trading Tip #22: What is day trading?

Day trading is probably one of the most misunderstood labels in the industry. Some people might picture a random trader acting like a cowboy just buying and selling with pure abandon. Others might imagine a seasoned vet pouring over charts and analysis, looking for a chance to try to scoop up a few points here or there. Let’s set the record straight on what day trading does – and doesn’t – entail. Day trading is definitely not for the faint of heart. Day trading is possible because of the great amount of leverage there is in the markets. The ability to buy or sell contracts that represent exponentially greater values than what is held in deposit in a trading account can mean the chance for big gains or even bigger losses. That is why a lot of day trading is thought of as gambling or a Wild West show. There are a lot of traders out there who exclusively day-trade. The mechanics to day trading are straightforward. You are in a trade and out of it in the same trading session. There is no “holding” the position overnight or through to the next session, looking for more potential profits. That is position trading. Why open a trading position and close it in the same session? There are a bunch of reasons that someone might cite, but the most obvious is that there is a different kind of exposure between trading sessions. For a day trader, there is an inherent risk that the market may gap up or down and against an open position when trading begins in a new session. Picture some of the overnight or over the weekend financial bombshells that could be dropped. A couple of good examples are those nights when Asian markets have tumbled on their fundamentals and North American markets open much, much lower the next day. This would be a gap to the downside that would be a big negative to an open long position. Closing things out before the session ends is a way that some traders try to avoid that kind of exposure. So how do day trades work? Most markets are a constant flux between buy orders and sell orders, and it is unlikely that a highly liquid market (one that has many buyers and sellers, making it relatively fluid to open and close positions) would stay at a constant price through a whole session. Day traders look to buy low, sell high and scoop up a few points to their benefit. Trades can be based on: - Identifying and trying to follow a trend - Looking for technical signals that suggest a coming reversal and try to play a breakout - Playing market movement off identified support or resistance - Quick in-and-out trading strategies like scalping, where the trader tries to identify arbitrage opportunities where there is a price imbalance - Any personal system a trader might use to try to identify trade opportunities The last one on this list is becoming more common as trading moves into the electronic world. Programs on computers look for specific algorithms and other identifiers that may signal price action that a day trader can use to try to gain an advantage. Review full "what is day trading ?" at http://blog.tradin  (Jul 18, 2011 | post #1)