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Jul 5, 2007

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Female Ball Python for Sale!!!! email [email protected]

What is wrong with some of you people? Lucien, you sell animals over the internet. What do you do, mail the animals across the world? If you have too many just let them go if you can't take care of them. It will be better then shipping them across the world. Besides, you live in a natural enviroment for them. 2 ball python for sale, you got not only one, but two burmese pythons and you have kids. What was wrong with you? Now you're trying to sell them. Why are you trying to get rid of them, and why did you get a breeding pair? Rene,Brandon Whitten,Stan Griffin,vincent maglio, you all make me sick, along with many others around here and around the world. You want to import animals from a different country. You have clearly shown you have no concern for anyone but yourself and your image. Or perhaps you're just an ignorant fool. Some advice. For one, always make sure you can see the animal in person before you purchase it. Do research before hand so you know it's in good health. Also, get living habitat set up before you buy it. These are living things, not display pieces. Unlike trophies and metals if you leave animals uncared for you can't just dust them off. Trophies don't rot, living things do. Just make sure you have some information, and that you are willing to put effort into this, not just doing it for an image high.  (Jul 5, 2007 | post #24)

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I'm studying info on different beings, myths and ancient religions

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You have an interest in people you don't know.

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taking care of injured, and sick animals

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Shiva, my pet ball python

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caring for yourself before all others. If you are not healthy of mind, body, and spirit you can not help anyone else.