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Oct 23, 2013

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hard money loan/financing available us now.

We are Professional Financial Intermediary/Advis ory Firm that is engaged in the practice of advising and arranging through a Network of Worldwide Sources, Capital / Investment Opportunities for Investors\restate hard loans, Worldwide. We Strictly Arrange for Investor/Principal to Receive Alternative Financing when they "Leverage " and Invest their Funds, and/or Hard/Soft Asset Collateral, into secure, sophisticated, and legitimate High-Yielding Private Investment Programs or Funds on Funds Investment Programs that Exclusively RAISE Funds for the Client/Investors' Project(s). The High Profits Generated and Received by the Client/Investor can be used for his/her own private investments, such as ANY Equity Project(s), Energy Project(s), Real Estate Project(s), Oil/Gas Project(s), Wind/Turbine Project(s), Green Energy Project(s), Infrastructure Project(s), Housing Project(s), Municipal Project(s), and/or ANY AND ALL Other Legal Investment Project(s), including Private Wealth Building Project(s), that the Principal Investor ("YOU"), may be engaged in or considering. So if you are Highly Committed and Motivated to Raise Funds for your Project(s) at this time, and see this as an opportunity to grow your own Private Investment Portfolios, then please contact us Immediately with your SERIOUS request(s), so that we may send you Our "Investor Application", for you to fill out completely Once we receive your completed "Investors Application" for any particular program you apply to, and it's approved, we will contact you with a tailored capital/investment solution that will meet all of your capital / investment criterias. Thank you and we look forward to assisting you. Sincerely Ken Anthony. Email: kenanthonyllc@gmai Thanks for your time.  (Oct 24, 2013 | post #1)