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May 28, 2013

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My eczema went away during pregnancy

I've had eczema for many years. When I was pg, my skin cleared up!! And for about 6 months afterwards. Assuming this was because of hormonal change, as I was breast feeding. Has anyone else experienced this?  (May 28, 2013 | post #1)


This has helped me

I'm 34 and had DYSHIDROTIC DERMATITIS (AKA HAND & FOOT ECZEMA) for over ten years. I realized how much vasioline helped stop the itch but was worried about the long term side effects of a petroleum by product. So I decided to make my own cream. I take a clean baby food jar, put it in a pot of hot water over the stove. Add bees wax and coconut oil. ( I've also added other oils, like avocado, grape seed, almond oil, hemp seed oil ect.) once the wax and oils are blended I add the following essential oils: lavender, roman chamomile, patchouli, benzoin resien, Blend and allow to cool. If its too hard, melt down and add more oils. At first I just used lavender. I've also been taking Pau D'Arco. From Natures Sunshine. I truly believe this has helped more than any other supplement I have tried. I also take a probiotic, vit D, flax seed oil mangnesium, and evening prim rose. I've learned cool water and apple cider vin help cool the itch. And, strangely enough, banana peels rubbed on the itchy area help! Also frankincense essential oil helps cut the itch. Hope someone can get something out of this that helps. God bless  (May 28, 2013 | post #1)