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Nov 5, 2013

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87% of White Women have slept with Black Men

I am not a jealous man at all and the wife and I have been married for 30 plus years and since our two kids are grown and off to college I thought it was time to explore the wilder side if she wanted too. My wife has never been with a man but me virgin when we married but the last 7 years out sex life has been gone and I mean sex about twice a year so I started talking to her and found out that she was bored with the sex and there was no excitement anymore. I ask her if she would be willing to have a private total body massage to maybe wake up her sex drive and she agreed. I looked for about a month and found this guy who I though she would like. He is a Black guy 30 years old very good looking and built very strong. I booked him on a Friday night to come to our house and introduced him to her and she seemed to really connect great with him and after a little small talk they went up stairs on the loft to out massage table and I went into our bedroom. After about 2 hours he left and she came into the bedroom with the biggest smile I have ever seen on her. I asked her if she like him and how was the massage and she said yes and unbelievable massage and she said she came twice and he never entered her with fingers and he stayed dressed and was very professional and was the easiest person she has ever talked to. The she said that she let him take every inch of clothes off her and he massaged every inch of her body like she never knew could be done. I asked her if she wanted me to book him again and she said he is coming back tomorrow night at 10 and I said Great! The next night went pretty much the same but this time he let her see his body and touch him and still he didn't try to have sex but they talked and did I guess fore play for 3 hours. She told me she was scared she wanted to have sex with him and I said if that's what you want then please do it and finally see what sex is with another man and she admitted she has alway told herself if she did she would want it to be a Black guy because she thinks their body's are beautiful as well as their manhood. The next Friday night I went out with some friends and she texted him to come over and I didn't get hone till 2 am and she was still sitting up with a look I have never seen. She say me down and said honey I had sex with him and I hope you aren't mad but that was the most wonderful experience I have ever had or could have dreamed to have and if you will please have sex with me now before I explode. I got undressed and she mounted me and made love to me like never before and after we talked and she said she had came four times that night and said I know this isn't right and I said if I know and don't have a problem and you really love it it's right especially if it does you like this. She said what she likes is he is 20 years younger than her but has the mentality of a senior person with a respect and professionalism that is so beautiful and asked if she could see him more. I told her she can see him as much as she wants and I don't have to know every time or when. I told her our kids are gone and you deserve to explore what you have been missing all of our marriage and life. She kissed me and said I never thought I would ever do this and I will admit you were right the last few years telling me needed to have sex with another man to feel it and experience it to see if that is a block you have that could be the blocker in our sex life. The she said he is perfect because he doesn't have sex hardly at all and doesn't want any strings but wanted someone like her that he knew was safe and discrete. Long story shorter they see each other about 1 to 3 times a week depending on if he is out of town or not and our marriage is stronger and our arc life is better than it ever was and now we have sex at least three times a week and she is learning a lot but he is 9 1/2" and I am 6" and she said he is hitting spots she didn't know she had. Thank you  (Nov 6, 2013 | post #1560)