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Nov 21, 2012

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4 ways of saving energy in the home

http://www.greenfu /4-ways-of-saving- energy-in-the-home / Thanks to rising gas and electricity bills, saving energy in the home has never been more paramount. Reducing your home’s overall energy output can actually see you reaping the rewards through lowered energy bills, therefore it comes as no surprise that homeowners across the nation are taking small steps to saving energy in the home. From changing how you bathe and wash your clothes, to simply changing your central heating pump – there are a number of short and long term, cost effective changes you can make in your home to save energy in 2013. Here are just a few simple and affordable ways that you can save energy in your home and enjoy great savings on your energy bills as a result: Cut Down on Phantom Loads ‘Phantom Loads’ is the term given to energy that any appliance consumes when it isn’t turned on. This can be energy that is drawn from devices such as televisions or laptops when they go into the standby mode. To cut down on this unnecessary energy consumption, simply unplug electronic devices and appliances at the wall. Wash Economically Many washing machines come with the setting of an ‘economy wash’, this setting usually lowers the temperature down to 30°C, the lowest possible wash temperature. An economy wash allows you to save on energy bills as a lower temperature is required, however remember to choose a special detergent which will effectively clean your clothes even at lower temperatures. Take Showers, not Baths A 2011 study on water consumption in the home found that an average 8 minute shower uses 62 litres of hot water, while the average bath used 80 litres. Taking shorter showers rather than baths can help to reduce your home’s water consumption while also reducing the amount of hot water you require – meaning that your home’s central heating pump will operate for a shorter amount of time, helping to save on those energy bills. Check your Home’s Circulator Pump Speaking of heating, the majority of homes have heating circulator pumps installed, The purpose of this pump is to take warm water from the boiler and then circulate it around the home before returning cold water back to the boiler to be heated. Guidelines were recently introduced to ensure that only the most energy efficient of heating pumps are to be used, therefore swapping a current inefficient pump, generally a D-Labelled pump, for an energy efficient A-Labelled circulator pump will see you saving up to 80% on your heating system’s energy output.  (Aug 8, 2013 | post #1)

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Crown Capital Eco Management

Source: .au/news/2013-07-2 4/environment-grou ps-concerned-mark- butler-won27t-get- full-view-/4841824 ?section=tas Environmental group fears Federal Minister missed Tarkine's full view The Tasmanian Greens leader believes the Federal Environment Minister has to reject a planned open cut mine in the Tarkine region. Mark Butler is weighing up the arguments for and against Shree Minerals' proposed iron ore mine. He is reassessing the $20 million project after the Federal Court ruled its original approval did not take into account its impact on the endangered Tasmanian devil. The Greens Leader Nick McKim says the Minister has advice suggesting the mine is likely to spread the devil facial tumour disease. "The Minister now has no other option other than to reject the approval for this mine," he said. Mr Butler flew over the region on a visit to the Braddon electorate on Wednesday. An environmental group is worried the new Environment Minister left the state with a skewed picture of the stalled proposal. Save The Tarkine's Bob Brown says the flight over the planned mine site will not give him enough of a feel for the proposal. "It's disappointing that the Minister for the Environment didn't have time to actually get into the Tarkine and see why it is so important," the former Greens leader said. "I think he needs to before he can make an adequate decision on the place and certainly an open-cut mine that could swallow up the Sydney Harbour Bridge is an invasive impact." The Tasmanian Opposition is calling on the minister to do whatever he can to quickly secure the future of the $20 million project. Mr Butler says interested parties will have 10 days to respond to his draft decision, due this week. The State Opposition's Peter Gutwein says he hopes the Minister will ensure jobs and investment flow to the region as quickly as possible. "This is a very important project for the north-west, it's a very important project for Tasmania and it's important that this minister acts with diligence but also due haste and gets this up and running as quickly as possible."  (Jul 27, 2013 | post #1)

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Crown Jakarta Capital Eco Management News: Energy Conserv...

What a very interesting topic, as always,.,you're always making my day complete.thanks  (May 6, 2013 | post #2)

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Crown Capital Eco Management: Why is natural gas better t...

Wow, I love your post today! This in just the perfect time. Thanks a bunch!  (Nov 29, 2012 | post #2)

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crown capital eco management jakarta indonesia: what we d...

This is indeed good news! Finally the folks in the tech industry realized they thrashing the environment too much that they felt compelled to make something nice.  (Nov 21, 2012 | post #2)