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Minneapolis, MN

Aerobic exercise

what kind of sport for the exercise and an environmental measure is good?Cycling is a ecology sport,it can’t produce carbon dioxide and for human muscle have a great exercise function. [url= m/carbon-clincher- wheels-88mm.html]c arbon clincher[/url] [url= m/carbon-wheel-cli ncher-50mm-23mm-wi de-special-assembl y-technology.html] carbon wheel[/url] [url=http://www.29 /fixed-gear-wheels et-carbon-clincher -50mm.html]Fixed gear wheelset[/url] [url= m/carbon-track-whe els-clincher-50mm. html]carbon track wheels[/url]  (Apr 1, 2013 | post #1)

St. James, MO

How to Build a Lightweight Mountain Bike Wheel

Mountain biking is a sport that requires a bike to be durable enough to withstand hard bumps and landing while also being light enough that you don’t get fatigued from pedaling.One way to reduce the weight of your bike is to build custom mtb wheelset that are both light and strong.While wheel building may seem complex to an amateur mechanic,it is a process that will help you save money and better understand your bike.Step 1Purchase the lightest materials that will support your weight and rising conditions,for instance carbon fiber material.Carbon fiber is a high light stuff and it durable,stiff. Double-butted stainless steel spokes and deep-sectioned rims made from aluminum alloy are commonly used by riders who want to shave weight.Spoke nipples and hub washers,if necessary,can also be purchase in lightweight aluminum.Step 2Lay the rim down on your work station.Position the valve stem hole opposite of you and set the hub in the center of the rim.Grease the threaded end of each spoke and spoke hole in the rim.Step 3Determine the number of spokes you will be using for the mountain bike wheel.The natural inclination to reduce weight is to use fewer spokes,but make sure you are not using too few spokes,as this will compromise the wheel.Use 28 spokes in the front and 32 in the rear wheel for a strong,yet light mountain bike.The number of spokes you choose must be divisible by four.Step 4Slide the head end of the first spoke down into the bicycle wheels hub.Thread the other end of the spoke into the rim at a hole near the valve stem hole.If the spoke holes are offset from the rim centerline,choose the higher hole.If they are centered,place the spoke in either hole near the valve. [url= xedgearcarbonwheel ts-27-5er-650b-car bon-tubeless-clinc her-23mm-with-nova tec-hubs-d711sb-d7 12sb-aa.html]MTB Wheel Sets[/url] [url= xedgearcarbonwheel n-bike-wheels-carb on-clincher-25mm-w ith-novatec-hubs-d ml]650B Mountain Bike Wheels[/url] [url= xedgearcarbonwheel t-mtb-tubeless-30m m-wide-carbon-clin cher-25mm-with-nov atec-hubs-d711sb-d 712sb-aa.html]650B Wheelset[/url] [url= m/carbon-road-bike -wheels-tubular-20 mm.html]carbon road bike wheels[/url] [url= m/carbon-bicycle-w heels-clincher-20m m.html]carbon bicycle wheels[/url] [url= m/best-road-bicycl e-wheels-carbon-tu bular-38mm.html]be st road bicycle wheels[/url] [url=http://www.29 /29er-carbon-wheel s-30mm-wide-clinch er-20mm-with-novat ec-hubs-d711sb-d71 2sb-aa.html]29er carbon wheels[/url] [url=http://www.29 /tubeless-29er-whe elset-carbon-clinc her-25mm-with-nova tec-hubs-d711sb-d7 12sb-aa.html]tubel ess 29er wheelset[/url] [url=http://www.29 /29-inch-wheels-mt b-carbon-clincher- 28mm-with-novatec- hubs-d711sb-d712sb -aa.html]29 inch wheels[/url]  (Mar 29, 2013 | post #1)

Mountain Biking Mistakes

1.Passing up group rides It took me a really long time to feel comfortable enough to join my local,weekly group mountain bike ride.Once i did,i was disappointed that i had waited so long.Group rides are so much more than well,riding with a group.Really,they help you hone your skills,socialize with like-minded mountain bikers and get acquainted with trails you may not ride on a regular basis.Remember that group rides are what you make of them.Do your homework,show up on time,be patient and encourage others during the ride. 2.Focusing on your strengths It’s so easy to do this.When you’re good at something-like clearing a rock garden- you keep doing it.When you’re not good at something-like riding over a log-you opt for a path around or dismount and walk over.I can’t tell you how many times in the past i ‘ve avoided large,fallen trees because i can’t ride over them.If you solely concentrate on your strengths,you’ll never make it over that log.Instead,give attention to the areas you’re struggling with.Try to master one area you find difficult on each ride and you’ll start seeing improvement. [url= xedgearcarbonwheel -26er-30mm-wide-ca rbon-clincher-20mm -with-novatec-hubs -d711sb-d712sb-aa. html]MTB Wheelset[/url] [url= xedgearcarbonwheel bike-wheels-carbon -clincher-22mm-wit h-novatec-hubs-d71 1sb-d712sb-aa.html ]26 Mountain Bike Wheels[/url] [url= xedgearcarbonwheel e-wheels-26er-clin cher-23mm-with-nov atec-hubs-d711sb-d 712sb-aa.html]Moun tain Bike Wheels[/url] [url= xedgearcarbonwheel heels-mtb-carbon-c lincher-25mm-with- novatec-hubs-d711s b-d712sb-aa.html]2 6 Bicycle Wheels[/url] [url= xedgearcarbonwheel 650b-mtb-carbon-cl incher-22mm-with-n ovatec-hubs-d711sb -d712sb-aa.html]27 .5 Wheels[/url]  (Mar 28, 2013 | post #1)

Jehovah's Witness

Health benefits of cycling

There are many health benefits that are associated with cycling.Let’s look at a few of the major benefits: Cycling is one of the easiest ways to exercise Cycling is one of the easiest ways to exerciseYou can ride a bicycle almost anywhere, at any time of the year, and without spending a fortune. Many people are put off doing certain sports because of the high level of skill that seems to be required, or perhaps because they can’t commit to a team sport due to time pressures. Most of us know how to cycle and once you have learned you don’t forget. All you need is a bike, a half an hour here or there when it suits, and a bit of confidence. Cycling builds strength and muscle toneContrary to normal perceptions, cycling is not a fitness activity that solely involves the legs. Cycling builds strength in a holistic manner since every single part of the body is involved in cycling. It is the least expensive way of traveling apart from walking.If you travel by bicycle,you don’t have to buy gas as you must when you drive cars.Besides,it develops much less mechanical troubles than a car. Bicycle riding is especially good for heath.Ii is good exercise.If you go to work by riding a bicycle instead of driving or taking a bus,you can have a better chance of getting enough exercise you need everyday.Cycling is also good for our environment.Ii is less noisy and does not pollute the air. [url= xedgearcarbonwheel et-carbon-tubular- 50mm.html]Fixed Wheelset[/url] [url= xedgearcarbonwheel -gear-wheels-clinc her-50mm.html]Carb on Fixed Gear Wheels[/url] [url= xedgearcarbonwheel bicycle-carbon-tub ular-60mm.html]Fix ed Wheel Bicycle[/url] [url= xedgearcarbonwheel ike-wheels-carbon- clincher-60mm.html ]Fixed Gear Bike Wheels[/url] [url= xedgearcarbonwheel -wheels-tubular-88 mm.html]Carbon Fixie Wheels[/url] [url= xedgearcarbonwheel heel-carbon-clinch er-88mm.html]Fixed Gear Wheel[/url] [url= xedgearcarbonwheel -for-sale-carbon-t ubular-38mm-50mm.h tml]Fixed Wheels For Sale[/url]  (Mar 21, 2013 | post #1)

How to improve the riding speed in the flat road

For most of cyclists,they enjoy fast speed,comfortable and safety riding.If we want to improve the riding speed in the flat road,how should do? Strengthen exercises There is a high efficient method to strengthen exercise can enhance the make up of ideal physiological and psychological strength to deal with longer riding and the efficiency in the flat road.We can use the gear than turning warm up for ten minutes,as soon as the end of the ten minutes to do several ten seconds of intermittent sprint so feet to reach purpose of warm-up.The most exercise is double ten minutes exercise and must be ongoing,and the strengthen of exercise we can contain the strengthen what we can confirm hold on the exercise ending. Using heavy than gear, medium resistance,the turn speed about 80-90rpm,we can take double five minutes light gear than between two exercises.Doing the lightest gear slowly tread in the last ten minutes. Only use chainwheel Keeping high speed rotation and keeping use heavy gear than in the meantime.The purpose is that exercise the muscle fast patience of the heavy gear than and high rotation speed.That is called BRO(big ring only). Riding in the usual training route.Whatever how to ride we must be resist the temptation to be replaced by small-cap,and including and climbing training more powerful gluteus sitting stampede.High back in after you do some pedaling back to a slower speed,you have to do high-speed rotary do balance,so that it will not let the loss of your feet stampede speed. [url= m/bicycle-rims-car bon-tubular-20mm.h tml]bicycle rims[/url] [url= m/carbon-fibre-rim s-tubular-60mm.htm l]carbon fibre rims[/url] [url= m/carbon-frame-700 c-road-bicycle-aer o.html]carbon frame[/url] [url= m/road-bike-fork-7 00c-carbon.html]ro ad bike fork[/url] [url=http://www.29 /fixed-gear-wheels et-carbon-clincher -50mm.html]Fixed gear wheelset[/url] [url=http://www.29 /carbon-tubular-wh eels-60mm-special- assembly-technolog y.html]Carbon tubular wheels[/url]  (Mar 20, 2013 | post #1)

Fixed gear bikes

Fixed gear bikes are bicycles that do not have a freewheel.Many different types of bicycle can be considered fixed gear bike,since the only truly defining characteristic is the lack of a freewheel.Therefor e,off road,touring,road racing,and commuting bicycles can all be fixed gear bikes. Due to the lack of a freewheel,fixed gear bikes are not able to coast when the rider stops pushing the peddle.This is because the rear wheel is connected directly to the pedals by a chain,which means it is necessary to pump the pedals to make the wheel turn.The lack of a freewheel also makes the method used for stopping fixed gear bikes different from traditional bicycles.Rather than using a brake,in most cases the rider simply pushes backward on the pedals.This cases the forward momentum of the rear wheel to stop,which stops the bike entirely. Another methos for stopping fixed gear bike is to perform a skid stop,which involves skidding the rear wheel while stopping.This is accomplished by the rider shifting his or her weight to lift the rear wheel while no longer pedaling,and then letting the tire make contact with the ground again.As a result,the bike slowly stops,or the rider can resume riding.This method is much slower than stopping with brakes,particularl y when performed on a wet surface. Although most fixed gear bikes have only one gear,sone make it possible to use two different gears.These gears are not switched by simply pulling a lever or pushing a button.Rather,the rider must get off the bicycle and switch the rear wheel around.This is because the rear wheel contains special sprockets on both sides of the hub,which causes the gears to change when moved. [url= xedgearcarbonwheel ar-wheels-50mm-spe cial-assembly-tech nology.html]Carbon Tubular Wheels[/url] [url= xedgearcarbonwheel heelset-carbon-tub ular-38mm-60mm.htm l]Fixed gear wheelset[/url] [url= xedgearcarbonwheel -wheels-tubular-60 mm.html]Carbon Track Wheels[/url] [url= xedgearcarbonwheel wheels-carbon-road -bike-clincher-70m m.html]three spoke wheels[/url] [url= xedgearcarbonwheel -road-bike-racing. html]carbon frame[/url] [url= xedgearcarbonwheel -for-sale-carbon-t ubular-38mm.html]F ixie Wheels For Sale[/url] [url= xedgearcarbonwheel eel-carbon-fixed-g ear-clincher-38mm. html]The Fixed Wheel[/url]  (Mar 19, 2013 | post #1)

How to Clean Carbon Rims

Carbon rims are popular with cyclists because of their exceptionally lightweight,strong characteristics and their capacity to provide a consistent and reliable braking surface.Maintainin g carbon rims properly can ensure that your carbon rims live up to the light,strong and long-lasting credentials that carbon rims are known for.One way to maintain carbon wheels is by cleaning them regularly. 1 Uninstall the wheels from the bicycle frame. Use a cone wrench to loosen the bolts that fasten the wheel to the bicycle frame.Suspend your bike in a rack and drop the wheels out of the mounting surface to adequately access the entire carbon bike rims. 2 Remove any embedded particles on the carbon rims, including small stones or metal debris by poking at it with a point tool such as a metal rod.Debris commonly gets embedded in wheels over time from the road and elements as you ride. 3 Identify discolorations, tacky-feeling areas and smears on the surface of the wheel. Run your fingers along the circumference of the rim's brake surface to feel for width variations and changes in texture.Changes in texture indicate areas that need cleaning, such as parts with brake-pad glazing. 4 Scuff the entire wheel's circumference lightly with a scouring pad, starting from the valve hole. Focus on the areas with texture variation and discoloration.Foll ow a vertical cleaning motion against the direction of wheel rotation on both sides of the rim until all discolorations, tacky areas and smears are removed. 5 Wipe the wheel surface with acetone or denatured alcohol.Apply the acetone or denatured alcohol on a clean cotton rag and rub against the wheel until there are no dark-gray dirt deposits on your cleaning rag.Carbon bike wheelsets deposit dark surface material when they're not clean. [url= xedgearcarbonwheel heelset-carbon-tub ular-38mm-60mm.htm l]Fixed gear wheelset[/url] [url= xedgearcarbonwheel ar-wheels-50mm-spe cial-assembly-tech nology.html]Carbon Tubular Wheels[/url] [url= xedgearcarbonwheel -wheels-tubular-60 mm.html]Carbon Track Wheels[/url] [url= xedgearcarbonwheel wheels-carbon-road -bike-clincher-70m m.html]three spoke wheels[/url] [url= xedgearcarbonwheel -road-bike-racing. html]carbon frame[/url] [url= xedgearcarbonwheel -for-sale-carbon-t ubular-38mm.html]F ixie Wheels For Sale[/url]  (Mar 18, 2013 | post #1)

How to Repair a Carbon Bicycle

Carbon fiber is becoming more popular among bicycle manufacturers recent years.The material is valued for its light weight,its vibration damping,and its relative cost-effectiveness .Like all materials used for building bicycles,carbon fiber can break,and when it does,it can endanger you and other riders.If you buy a bicycle that is partly or completely carbon fiber,or even has components on it that are carbon fiber,it is important to pay attention to their condition in order to avoid an unexpected accident. Inspect your carbon bicycle or carbon components before every ride.Check for cracks or splinters in the carbon.If you feel any sharp edges on the carbon,take you bike to a bike shop to have it checked out.If you notice any deep cuts in the carbon,it could be a crack,which should be inspected by a bike shop. 2 Avoid putting any sharp objects near carbon components when packing your bike.If you have to load your bike into the back of a car,or put it in a box for shipping, make sure the cassette is not touching any of the carbon accessories.Be careful about the front chain rings as well.These items are both sharp and, if pressed against carbon, can easily crack or crush carbon fiber. 3 Have your bike thoroughly inspected after a crash.Your local bike shop will probably do this for free.Crashes on a carbon bike can cause a great amount of stress on the frame and a trained bicycle mechanic will be able to thoroughly look over your bike and ensure that it's safe to continue riding. Have your bike thoroughly inspected after a crash.You local bike shop will probably do this. [url= m/carbon-alloy-cli ncher-wheels-38mm. html]Carbon alloy clincher[/url] [url= m/carbon-aluminum- wheels-clincher-50 mm.html]Carbon aluminum wheels[/url] [url= m/carbon-bike-whee ls-clincher-50mm.h tml]carbon bike wheels[/url] [url= m/carbon-clincher- wheels-88mm.html]c arbon clincher[/url] [url= m/carbon-wheelsets -23mm-wide-road-bi cycle-clincher-50m m.html]carbon wheelsets[/url]  (Mar 11, 2013 | post #1)

Top Stories

why should be say carbon fiber wheels are the best bicycl...

Carbon fiber wheels are famous in the world because their expensive and high-performance.I n the Tour De France,many famous cyclists choose them and got a good ranking.Let’s explore the advantages of carbon fiber wheels. The value of a[url=http://www.y bon-rims-clincher- 50mm-60mm.html]Car bon Bike Rims[/url] lies with its weight and superior aerodynamics.The weight saving afforded by carbon is well known and readily demonstrated;the material also ushered in the current era of aerodynamic wheel design.Consider Campagnolo Shamals from the mid-90s, the alloy rims were around 40mm tall and the wheelset weighed 1980g,yet they were considered a breakthrough in aerodynamic design.Now carbon wheelsets feature rims that are as tall (or even taller) and weights have dropped below 1500g. Another advantage of[url=http://www. rbon-wheels-tubula r-38mm-white-spoke s-red-hubs-3k-matt .html]Bicycle Wheels Carbon[/url] is that it can be molded and the companies leading aerodynamic wheel design have been able to design wind-cutting profiles with the help of wind tunnel testing and fluidics.Current marketing efforts have provided riders with a basic understanding of aerodynamics along with hard data (of sorts) so they can compare the drag and stall of different rims or wheel designs before making a decision to buy. Carbon bike rims and [url=http://www.yo on-wheels-clincher -38mm-with-light-w eight-hubs-for-9-1 0-11-speed.html]Cl incher Wheelset[/url] also benefit from an impressive stiffness to weight ratio.We all know from the performance of carbon frames that the material can be very stiff,and carbon rims are typically engineered to be very stiff so as to allow low spoke counts. At the same time,carbon [url=http://www.yo on-wheels-tubular- 20mm-with-novatec- hubs-8-9-10-speed. html]700C Wheels[/url] can offer a smooth and compliant ride,so gram for gram,they easily outperform aluminium in this arena. Low weight,superior aerodynamics and stiffness to weight,these traits are of enormous value when performance is the primary consideration,so,m ore and more riders would like to choose carbon fiber bike wheels for improving the level of their bicycle equipment.  (Feb 26, 2013 | post #1)

What Is a Hub Flange on a Bike Rim?

A Carbon road wheelset is made by lacing spokes from the hub to the bicycle rim in a special pattern.The hub flange on a bike wheel holds the spokes in place on the hub. Construction The hub flange is usually machined from the same material as the hub body itself.The flange is usually no more than two millimeters thick.If it were an rider,most standard spokes would not fir properly. Function Two flanges are placed at either end of the hub. The spokes from each hub flange create a triangle shape when they are attached to the center of the rim, so the wheel resists lateral force. The wider this triangle is, the stiffer the wheel will be. High vs. Low Flange Some riders prefer low-flange hubs, meaning the flange is only slightly larger than the actual body of the hub. This type of flange is usually used to save weight. Other cyclists prefer high-flange hubs that are heavier, but provide more lateral stiffness and better power transfer because they allow the use of shorter spokes. Bladed Spokes Bladed spokes became popular on road bicycle wheels in the mid-1990s. These spokes had a flat, "bladed" edge (rather than a round profile), which created less aerodynamic drag than regular spokes. Many hub flanges were built with slotted spoke holes, so a builder could choose whether to use standard or bladed spokes when designing a wheel. http://www.29ercar /hub-flange-on-a-b ike-rim/ http://www.29ercar /best-track-wheels / http://www.29ercar /carbon-fiber-moun tain-bikes-a-brill iant-idea-is-it/ http://www.29ercar /why-cycling-is-th e-best-sport/ http://www.29ercar k-wheels-carbon-cl incher-50mm.html  (Feb 4, 2013 | post #1)

The best wheels for a mountain bike

Mountain biking can be an exhilarating sport that is challenging for you and your bike.As the only point where your bicycle comes in contact with the ground,your mtb wheels are a crucial element in how well you perform on the trails.Selecting the right wheels for your bike is a matter of understanding your riding conditions and finding a appropriate mix of features and durability to meet your needs. One of the first factors to consider in choosing http://www.carbonr ale-carbon-wheels/ mtb-wheels.html are rim diameter.According to u.k national cycling organization CTC,some mountain bikers may be inclined to buy large, http://www.carbonr -carbon-wheels-tub eless-clincher-25m m-with-novatec-hub ml because it is easier to roll over rocks,but stronger and give more clearance for the suspension. Tire Width Tire width can affect how much traction you get while riding.If your tires are too narrow,you may sink down into the trail or be more susceptible to flats.If your tires are too wide,you create an excess of rolling resistance against the ground,which can make pedaling uphill or through muddy conditions more difficult.The optimum width for a rear mtb wheel is usually about 2 inches.The front tire can be slightly narrower,as it supports less of your riding weight. Tread Mountain bike tires come with a variety of treads,the pattern of which is largely irrelevant to how well it provides traction,according to sheldon brown.The height of the knobs is important and should be chosen based on your regular riding conditions.If you generally ride on a hard-packed trail,the height of the tread does not need to be much.If you are typically trekking through heavy mud,tall tread knobs are best to keep you moving forward. Wheel Weight The weight of your bike wheels play less of a factor in mountain biking than it does on a road bike. However, one way that you can reduce the weight of your wheel and simultaneously improve it for mountain biking is to purchase a tire that uses Kevlar instead of nylon for the body. Kevlar not only is lighter, but it will also make your wheel more resistant to punctures and pinch flats when riding on rough terrain. http://www.carbonr ale-carbon-wheels. html http://www.carbonr ml http://www.carbonr ale-carbon-handleb ars.html  (Jan 24, 2013 | post #1)

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China mountain bike wheels

There have some factors you should considered when you wanna buy mountain bike.Which types of bicycle you played?How much the budget you planed?Do you want to become a professional competitor or only as a leisure sports?This is a article about the different structure and character of mountain bike. Whatever you are the beginner or professional athletes,choosing a set of right mountain bike wheel is necessary.There have various of mtb http://www.carbonr ide-carbon-rims-cl incher-50mm.html in the market,so sometimes we can't take right judge and find the right wheels for us.And sometimes maybe we can look forward the right mountain bike wheels that match our bike so much,but we also have to give it up.Why?The reason is that we have budget for the wheels,it is too expensive to we can afford it.I would like to buy my bicycle parts from internet,it can help me save more money and time. At once i gone to a china bicycle online shop and i found my http://www.carbonr -bike-carbon-fiber -clincher-rims-38m m.html wheels,now it does do work well.Some people think that international transaction exit risk,slow shipping,quality problem.I have had many international transaction experience never got into as like that troubles.Find a high reputation online store is needed. http://www.carbonr -carbon-wheels-cli ncher-23mm-with-no vatec-hubs-d711sb- d712sb-aa.html http://www.carbonr arbon-60mm-wheels- tubular-23mm-width .html http://www.carbonr arbon-50mm-wheels- tubular-23mm-width .html http://www.carbonr 50b-carbon-fiber-m ountain-bike-frame .html  (Dec 20, 2012 | post #1)

Parsons, TN

29er carbon mtb wheels

Riding cycle is the one of high strong sport,it can take exercise your feet muscle and your cardiopulmonary function.You only to see the figure of the athletes,you will know the function of the cycling sport.According to the data display,vast od cyclist's figure are the most perfectly.The reason that way so many people would like to riding bicycle not only as a travel method or a vehicle..But there is important that we should own a bicycle which suit us.So,how to find a superb bicycle for us is most important thing when we plan to riding it. Some one said that steel wheel is a good choice for a cyclist,another people said carbon fiber is the best choice for cyclists.Actually, they have particular feature by themselves.Steel material is stiff,steady and durable,but it is too weight,it can impact our riding speed.If you are a fast speed pursuer,steel wheels is a good choice for you.Carbon fiber have that feature as like that steel wheels.What's more,it is a super light material,so http://www.carbonr -carbon-wheels-cli ncher-28mm-with-no vatec-hubs-d711sb- d712sb-aa.html?utm _source=http%3A%2F &utm_medium=li m&utm_campaign =kehuaying is lighter than steel bicycle wheels,so for the high riding speed we can have a try. As we known that generally we will choose mountain bike as our travel vehicle.In the ride bicycle travel speed is not the most importance,the most important thing is comfortable.In many of bicycle shop we can't find the best http://www.carbonr -carbon-wheels-cli ncher-23mm-with-no vatec-hubs-d711sb- d712sb-aa.html?utm _source=http%3A%2F &utm_medium=li m&utm_campaign =kehuaying owning to they technology defect and source of their products.Yoeleo is a professional bicycle parts manufacturer,they furnish various of bicycle parts which are of superior quality and competitive price.They specialized in carbon bicycle components.For instance,they offer top notch carbon bike wheels,carbon bike rims,carbon handlebar,carbon frames and etc. http://www.carbonr -carbon-wheels-cli ncher-28mm-with-no vatec-hubs-d881sb- d882sb.html?utm_so urce=http%3A%2F%2F utm_medium=liperfu &utm_campaign= kehuaying http://www.carbonr arbon-mtb-clincher -wheels-25mm-with- novatec-hubs-d711s b-d712sb-aa.html?u tm_source=http%3A% &utm_medium=li m&utm_campaign =kehuaying http://www.carbonr -carbon-wheels-cli ncher-25mm-with-no vatec-hubs-d711sb- d712sb-aa.html?utm _source=http%3A%2F &utm_medium=li m&utm_campaign =kehuaying  (Dec 20, 2012 | post #1)