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Jun 15, 2012

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Quitman, TX

Man says ETX police officers planted drugs on him

Wow I have followed this story in the WC Democrat. it is a shame that this has happened to this young man. What's sad is its happening again at this very moment to a young woman. Keep these young people in your Prayers and pray that WCSO comes to realize they may need to look a little further behind the ones who wear this badge  (Jun 15, 2012 | post #2)

Quitman, TX

Woman wanted for role in illegal ETX gambling ring

Where has the J in Justice disappeared too? This story goes alot deeper than illegal gambling. A young woman's life has been turned upside down because of the Wood County Sheriffs Department. It comes at a time of reelection is the only excuse I can think of. On the night of the raid the once fugitive above was also in poss. Of a meth pipe and a gun. Also a lighter case that 3 weeks later found in the evidence room that contained dope in as well. Admitting to several individuals that it was hers after the fact and boasting that WCSo used it as a paperweight to hold down money she told wcso she found it in the parking lot. As it turns out Wood County has charged this to a young woman who has never done meth who had no clue Leal even had it in her possesion. Guilty of working two days in a gameroom yes being charged with poss of controlled substance no. Don't you have to have it in your possession to be charged with this? I guess not. Ok maybe since its been three weeks you can't remember all the details officer. I can certainly understand this so wouldn't you think you might go over your evidence watch the video you so carefully removed before placing this kind of charge on a woman who can and will pass a hair follicle test and who will request a polygragh and pass I might add? I guess not because you certainly did not. As for you Leal you think what you have gotten away with something? Think again your a lowlife coward and I am going to have faith that in the end justice will wake up and prevail. Its unbelievable that such a tough proud stand up so called Christian lesbian has yet to stand up and claim what was hers. Go figure...... Can anyone say it's time for A change in Wood County. I believe Mr. Brown will have my vote  (Jun 15, 2012 | post #4)

Quitman, TX

Illegal Gambling Ring Bust Nets 6 Arrests; 1 Sought

It makes me sick when we as adults can't except the consequences of our actions. A young mother charged with possession for the once fugitives dope. Hmmmm. Wood county needs to be looked into for this bogus act. Justice ha you had a video and still you chose to run a 21 year old kids life. Yet you find a gun and dope pipe on Leal and what she found it in the parking lot flies? You didn't even look in her lighter case that came from her front pocket. You know you used as a paper weight had it in evidence how long? You knew she was lying that night what now you have forgotten? 13 witnesses in the building knew you found it on leak yet you let her go then 3 weeks later you get a tip your an idiot find it in evidence and charge a 21 year old kid who you knew had only two paperclips in her pocket and her phone. You even have a video but I guess you if you were that dumb to begin with you probably wouldn't know how to work the player. Oh wait that happened that night to huh. A polygraph and hair follicle will prove your idiots and as far as Leal goes she is a spineless coward who lets an innocent young person take the charge. Judgment day wow I would hate to be you. Wood county you need help. Support your police well damn can we get some who are competent? You are supposed to protect the innocent. Not railroad the innocent. Why didn't your fugitive go to jail the night you had her in a Cameroon with a gun and with a dope and with her dope? Her dope now that's a story kltv.....  (Jun 15, 2012 | post #1)