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Jun 16, 2010

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Review: Maribel's Alterations

We carry a wide range of Services to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Most of my services cost $10.00 as a stadart rate. http://www.maribel rvices.html Please call for more information and to schedule an apointment. PANTS Adjust WaistHem PantsHem Pants with French CuffsReplace Regular ZipperReplace Invisible ZipperTaper Pants Legs- 1 seam Taper Pants Legs- Both Seams RELINING WAIST IN/OUT Pants - ShortenPants Lengthen Pants Adjust crotch, pants/slacks/short s Adjust crotch, seat, and waist BLOUSES Shorten sleeves Unlined Hem, lined, blouse Hem, unlined, blouse Hem Sleeves (Long Sleeve with Cuffs) Hem Sleeves (Short Sleeve / No Cuffs) Narrow shoulders, blouse Shorten sleeves, blouse Take in side seams, blouse Replace Regular Zipper Blouse Replace Invisible Zipper Blouse SKIRT Hem, skirt, flaredHem flared, linedHem Skirt, straight Hem skirt, straight, lined Replace elastic in waist skirtShorten from waist Take in side seams Replace Regular ZipperReplace Invisible Zipper RELINING DRESSES Raise shoulder seams, w/o sleeves linedRaise shoulder seams, w/sleeves, Take in side seams lined Take in side seams ZIPPERSHems Formal dresses JACKET Hem Sleeves Lined Hem Sleeves Unlined Hem Bottom Lined Hem Bottom Unlined Take in/ Let out from Back- one seam Lined Take in/ Let out from Back- one seam Unlined MISCELLANEOUS Buttons Paches Small Paches Med Resew alterations, miscellaneous hand-repairs Repair hole Small Repair hole Med Repair strapSplit skirt/slack Resew belt loops  (Jun 16, 2010 | post #1)