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Oct 9, 2012

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how do i start methadone maintenance?.. ITT sob story. wa...

hey only a few on this site know that dock ellis showed up on a day he didnt think he was supposed to pitch when he actually was scheduled , but had unfortunately(or not as it turns out) dropped acid ....whoops, must have been an entertaining afternoon for him!!! write back here if youre around and I would be able to email you and give you some ideas and some help hopefully having been where you are, so many have been down this road and would love to help out i bet. I just about lost everything meaningful in my life but was able to turn things around......hang in there man and write back here.  (Feb 4, 2013 | post #18)

You will never score drugs on this site

whatever....gonna go try and get my name off of here now. dont want anybodys email, # or any contact info whatsoever youve successfully rid the topix forum of one of its most dangerous scammers.....congr ats  (Jan 19, 2013 | post #24)

You will never score drugs on this site

guilty as charged!!!! long winded, which btw might have something to do with ingesting above said recreational, never thought I would get singled out as a scammer. shit , dont post your email here. after you said that I realized why you wouldnt want to but hell, I didnt want to leave my email addy and didnt have the desire to try and figure out how I could get the little envelope up so people can pm me. I know that the folks that are doing this are only trying to help but wtf........3 posts? somebody has to look a little more threatening than me out there.......  (Jan 19, 2013 | post #21)

You will never score drugs on this site

not true......Ive met a couple really good plugs here.(topix) hey ally from antioch, love the midstate and lived there the last 15 years. out in socal now and just picked up 8 roxies and a 1/2 g of powder an hour ago from somebody who has been hooking me up the last couple months. before that I have hooked with no fewer than 3 other folks who were all totally cool and professional as this stuff goes and had contact with a handful more. its really unbelievably easy if youre not afraid to roll the dice. I dont mean roll the dice by giving somebody your money and waiting for them to come back.....shit , Ive been ripped by people I thought were my friends doing that so for gods sake dont give your money to anybody even if theyre just going around the corner and obviously dont send your money to anybody ever though I read all the time that it works for people. very good thoughts by phoenix above, just use your brain and not the part thats being run by pills......know what I mean? if your in socal , leave your email or text here and I can probably steer you in the right te  (Jan 19, 2013 | post #17)

San Diego

if youre stil looking cbarn post here again and leave your email and I can probably point you in the right direction as Ive had a lot of luck and met some way cool SD folks on here.....also some not as cool but thats what you gotta wade through, right?  (Dec 3, 2012 | post #7)

What happened to craigslist???

just guessing it has to do with all the heat because LE found out that was going down......?  (Dec 3, 2012 | post #3)