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May 16, 2014

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The Koyal Group InfoMag News: Big Science More Important ...

Alvin M. Weinberg introduced the term "big science" into the national lexicon in 1961. Big science is research that requires the coordination of massive resources, including thousands of our best minds and cutting-edge technologies to solve massive, complex problems. With visionary gusto, Weinberg wrote that "the monuments of big science, the huge rockets, the high-energy accelerators, the high-flux research reactors ... will be symbols of our time as surely as Notre Dame is a symbol of the Middle Ages." The concept of big science is especially timely in a highly charged political environment with the debate focused on the Affordable Care Act, streamlining services and controlling costs. As a result, vital research often gets short shrift. Big science is expensive and time-consuming, but the results can have exponential benefits: the potential for dramatically improved health outcomes throughout the world. Read Full Article: http://www.huffing schall-s-runge/big -science-more-impo rtant-than-ever_b_ 5301174.html?utm_h p_ref=politics &ir=Politics More hints: http://koyalgroupi http://www.tabup.c om/the_koyal_info_ mag  (May 16, 2014 | post #1)