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Jan 27, 2011

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shorted pain medication local pharmacy..

I am curious whether others have been shorted at a local pharmacy (big box store). I was recently shorted about 50 pain tabs from a prescription of a controlled substance pain killer at a local pharmacy. I am curious if this happened to others who get their medications at one of the large store pharmacy. The medication has been under only my control and was not where someone could have taken it without my knowledge. I do realize there are several ways this could happen. My bottle had the number of tablets I would take if I took the maximum dosage everyday on the label. I indeed usually take the maximum dose It became obvious to me that I didn't have an adequate amount to last the month about 2 weeks into my medication month.. When I counted my pills It was obvious that I was exactly 50 tabs short to take 8 a day for the full month. I found this very odd. Either someone either knowingly or unknowingly shorted me 50 tabs or an automated counting system made a 50 tab mistake. My thought is to report it to the pharmacy but I am concerned that they will not believe me and may indeed flag me as a drug seeker. I will make it through the month but will only have half of my daily medications for two weeks. I am curious if this has happened to other residents of huntington county or surrounding communities that buy their prescription pain medications at one of the bigger stores in hunington.. walmart or kmart for example.. I will be requesting my medication be counted in front of me from now on. What was your experience?  (Mar 17, 2014 | post #1)