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Jun 7, 2007

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Atlanta, GA

Georgia's immigration law takes effect in July, but its r...

When a plant in the northern part of the country was the target of an ICE raid and most of the employees taken into custody for being an illegal the plant was open later that week with American citizens. COME ON AND USE YOUR BRAIN. Most Illegals work for less than minimum wage that is why they are hired. CHEAP LABOR!!!!  (Jul 17, 2007 | post #66)

Rincon, GA

Power outages due to increased demand

This is getting rediculious. They know that this area is growing and Georgia power isn't bothing to do a thing about it. I am tired of my lights going off and on. It almost as bad as comcast's service.  (Jul 17, 2007 | post #1)

WXIA Atlanta

Girl, 11, Charged With DUI After Chase

Most mouthwash contains alcohol and it does show up in breath tests. that is the reason for the legal limit for minors.  (Jul 6, 2007 | post #182)

Savannah, GA

Move to historic Savannah.

And for the record. Mario I think you are an idiot and I think you realy need to learn more of your history. Take a look at other area's history and look. Just remember that those who forget the past are sure to repeat it.  (Jul 6, 2007 | post #30)

Savannah, GA

Move to historic Savannah.

I moved here from the Atlanta Suburbs. I have been here 5 years and my boyfriend has been here all of his life. The city is great I love it here. Savannah is a lot better than Atlanta. I have a friend I went to high school with she is currently a SCAD studend and she is going to open a gallery here after she is done with her studies. As with every city be it Atlanta, Baltimore, LA or Savannah there is a bad element. I have had times when I wasn't comfortable going out to my car or something like that and I have always been able to find an escort to my car be it at walmart or even downtown. Just be aware of your surroundings which goes for anywhere. If you feel uncomfortable or notice something suspicious get an escort a lot of places that are open late have security and I have always been able to find an escort if something just didn't seem quite right to me.  (Jul 6, 2007 | post #29)

WXIA Atlanta

Immigration Law to Make Impact in Ga.

Its about time the state steps up and does something. Make the fines larger for companies employing illegal immigrants. Make it impossiable for illegal immigrants to get public assistance programs like WIC, housing assistance, food stamps ect. By making it harder for those who are not here legally it shouldn't make a difference to those who are here legally unless they feel like they have something to hide.  (Jul 6, 2007 | post #87)

WXIA Atlanta | Money - Nike: We Won't Sack Vick

I like Nike shoes but I will not be buying another pair until a more respectable person is representing them. Animal abuse is horriable and I just don't like Vick. His behavior is horriable and shouldn't be rewarded.  (Jul 6, 2007 | post #10)

WXIA Atlanta

Six Flags Attack Worries Some Attendees

Bush Gardens, Sea World sell alcohol and you don't hear about people being jumped outside of the gates. Its called Security six flags needs to invest in some. I haven't been to six flags in Years. There were teenagers running around trying to pick fights, breaking in line and making lude comments. Complaints to park employees fell on deaf ears. I hope the young man who was jumped will be ok. This should be a wake up call for six flags to get their act togeter or close down.  (Jul 6, 2007 | post #12)

WXIA Atlanta

Judge to Decide in Teen Sex Case

Georgia is so behind on this issue. Many states have laws reguarding minors and sexual acts. The boy needs to be let go and he shouldn't have to register as a sex offender due to the fact that it takes 2. This is pathetic and just goes to show how backwards Georgia  (Jun 11, 2007 | post #32)

WXIA Atlanta

Paris Hilton Out of Jail After Three Days

The Rich truly get to live by another set of rules. Let me win the lottery and see if I can get that kind of treatment.  (Jun 7, 2007 | post #41)

Immigration Reform

Feds Arrest 29 Immigrants In New Haven

I am 3rd Generation German Immigrant. Its one thing to come over and do it Legally. Its another to do it illegally come over work for a while and then go back. My appartment complex is full of families that will come here work for a few years and then head back to mexico with large sums of money and live high on the hog. If that was the case they should have stayed in mexico and petitioned their governement for better rights.  (Jun 7, 2007 | post #52)

WXIA Atlanta

Vick To Be Charged If Evidence Found

Why shouldn't people voice their opinion about a piece of scum that is walking around acting like he is a king and the rest of the world is his harem. Come on wake up and smell the coffee, Bacon, and EGGS. Its obvious that there are some Vick lovers who see nothing wrong with what has been done here but to them I say.... SHAME ON YOU!! Because you are showing your lack or morals and diecency because you have no heart for the innocent animals that have been harmed. Animal cruelty is no laughing matter. How would you like to be put in a ring and be made to fight until the death so people can laugh and enjoy the fight and try to make money on you while you die. Does that sound fair? Does that make Vick a nice little Hero to you? If so your truly sick.  (Jun 7, 2007 | post #43)

WXIA Atlanta

Animal Officer Guilty Of Cruelty

Look at some of the other states that actually punish people who are convicted of animal cruelty and work on getting laws like that passed here. I had antifreeze poured into a mud puddle in my parents front yard by a neighbor and my dogs drank out of the puddle and 3 of them died because of it. Because there were no laws on the books about poisioning animals nothing was done. Its truly pathetic that there are tougher traffic laws than animal cruelty laws. The animal lovers of Georgia need to unite and petition for stronger laws. This is one thing that we the people are going to have to take into our own hands and work on changing because the law makers sure are not going to do anything until the people start showing their butts. The time has come and gone for action. We need to step up and do something because I am sick and tired of seeing people get off on animal cruelty cases. I have had several animals killed by mean vindictive neighbors and its time for punishment to fit the crime. Enough is enough.  (Jun 7, 2007 | post #12)

Immigration Reform

Immigrants and supporters to rally in Denver

I hope so because it is sad when a single mother can't get assistance because of the drain coming from illegal Immigrants who are able to obtain and bennifit from services because they decided to have a child on US soil. It truly sad when you local police department knows that your surrounded by illegals but they say that they can't do anything about it.  (Jun 7, 2007 | post #1856)

Immigration Reform

78% in poll call for giving illegal immigrants path to ci...

People can make up stats for anything they want to prove. Come to South Georgia and show me 78% of REGISTERED VOTERS want all of these law breakers here as Citizens.. My family came over legally. I am the 3rd generation Immigrant and we did it legally. SEND THESE ILLEGALS PACKING AND QUIT MAKING UP STATS TO TRY AND PROVE SOMETHING THAT NON-ILLEGALS DON"T WANT  (Jun 7, 2007 | post #4736)