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Sep 22, 2012

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Berwick, PA

Arrest Made in Hit and Run Death

I'm saying that it was something easily preventable in general. A kid, young and stupid and drunk, is not going to have basic common sense. So, as much as he was physically responsible, I certainly can't hold him mentally responsible when he was impaired both in age and intoxication. I can't hold him anymore mentally responsible than someone who was certifiably insane at the time of their offense. It's surprisingly reminiscent to a accident in California, that ended up ruled as a suicide because the man was walking, without safety equipment in the dark, got hit and died. And... Who is to say that wasn't the case? Now, in general... An adult, who actually cares about their family would have never let their family be in the situation Mohr was because as an adult, he wasn't sneaking around trying to hide from them. Walking home, that late/early, in fog, without a light on the wrong side of the road. I'm not saying the kid has no fault here, but I am saying, had family/friends gave a darn when he was alive, he'd still be alive because he'd never be there, to have been hit. Kids are always going to find a way to sneak off from guardians to experiment and do stupid things-- because they're kids. It's part of their learning process. Throwing them in jail, is a way they certainly don't learn and only end up worse because that's what they learn there. One reason there is so many repeat offenders. He should be punished, yes. But not nearly as bad as he's going to be. He was every typical kid at some point in their young lives, that night. He was just unlucky in the fact that there was a man walking on the wrong side of the road, without proper safety equipment, in the fog, because no one cared enough to take him home. Because THAT is the part I don't understand. Everything else is typical. Except him walking home, with no one to care about him. That late. In the fog. With wildlife and people. And no one cared to make sure. That's basic common sense if you care about a family member or friend. That is what is irking me. I'm saying that deserves a bit of light shone on it too, aside from the making a average kid, doing average things, who got dealt a shoddy card, out to be monster alone. Everyone I know cares enough about their family and friends to make sure they get home, most even care enough about acquaintances to do so. Don't you? Obviously, Mohr wasn't a bad man-- So, I want to know where these people were for him.  (Sep 22, 2012 | post #3)