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Nov 20, 2012

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Yakima, WA

Review: Kndo TV Channel 23

VOLUNTEER CODE INSPECTORS REQUESTED...It was Reported there is only 1 half-time Code Inspector and the Yakima City Council was seeking volunteers... You Need to change Your Part-Time Inspector to 'FULL TIME'and They should have at least 1 or more 'Real' Trained Code Inspector. You Do Not Need Any More 'Secret' volunteer people running around, using a 'naughty or nice list' made up by God Only Knows Who. Requiring the passing of 'favors'and abuse. Citizens who are eager to HELP can Volunteer Their Time to Physically help those who are having a problem, by removing trash or painting or repairing... No $$$ to implement this... Then Don't Waste $230,000.00 on a second SWAT Vehicle and Quit funding illegal under ground policing. Hey, bet you could even find enough money to repair the streets that have not been fixed cuzz all the money paid out in taxes was spent somewhere else... Just Saying, A Little Common Sense Goes Along Way. Kathleen Macias  (Nov 20, 2012 | post #2)

Yakima, WA

Review: Kndo TV Channel 23

BUDGET AND THE YPD It was Reported on Channels 23/nbc & 29/cbs, due to Budget Constraints YPD was laying off Police Officers... On Channel 35/abc It was Reported & a picture shown of a New $230,000.00 SWAT Vehcile that the YPD has sent a request to the City Council to purchase... The YPD Already Has a SWAT Vehicle, in Good Working Order, not as Snazzy looking but Certainly Functional in plain Black... It Seems To Me that if 'they' would STOP funneling off $$$ to illegal police who use a mysterious 'Naughty or Nice List' (not made up by St Claus) but abuse citizens and their Civil & Human Rights... THEN You Would Have Enough $$$ to HIRE 'REAL' Police Officers Who Have Been Trained in The Proper Treatment of All Citizen's & Guests in Our Country, and Their Civil & Human Rights. We Need to Change Our View, It's 'To Serve & Protect' Not 'Punish & Force'. It Is Not a Crime to Disagree, We Are Red, White & Blue It Is Wrong to Force Citizens to walk in Lock Step... We Do Not Need a New $230,000 SWAT Vehicle, We Need Real Police Officers... Kathleen Maicas  (Nov 20, 2012 | post #1)