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what is an effective treatment for scabies on scalp & face?

I had terrible outbreaks for months, though I didn't get it on my scalp, doctors say that they don't infest the scalp, so make sure there isn't another thing going on as well- that said the ONLY thing that worked for me was Neem, which you can buy through Amazon. I showered with Theraneem soap twice a day. In the morning, since I had to go to work and neem has an odd odor I used Theraneem lotion which is kind of incense-y grapefruity (and not sticky at all) and easily covered with a light body spray or cologne. At night I lotioned up good with Neem oil mixed with a body lotion, Suave cocoa butter is very good, or even just cocoa butter lotion from the dollar store. I took Neem capsules which I feel was very effective. You will feel relief quite soon, though you will have to treat for a long time, it's been a few months and I'm still using the lotion and soap, though the outbreaks I've had have been very, very minor. Theraneem makes a shampoo too, though I would be tempted to tell you to just lotion up your scalp with the oil-lotion mix at first and wear a scarf or something to bed at night. I may be over it, but I still get some minor itching so I am very hesitant to stop just yet as I'm petrified of going back to where I was. I was so, so relieved at how well this has worked after the agony, even scrubbing myself with dilute bleach every night. You may want to try swimming in a chlorinated pool too. Good luck. Believe me, all of us here KNOW. My heart goes out to you. Oh, also Neem should be very safe on your face, and don't mix it too heavily, you don't need a lot. Just don't use the oil straight, it may irritate.  (Feb 9, 2014 | post #19)


Scabies is VERY treatable! My story.

Scabies ISN'T easily treated as you may gather from these posts. The new strains are resistant to permethrin, and for those who don't have insurance, permethrin has gone from $15 to over $100. The people on this forum who are experiencing repeat outbreaks and don't have insurance are desperate enough that some of them are resorting to dangerous treatments. I have been through hell for 3 months, at no fault of my own, contracted it from a co-worker who mysteriously was terminated after I reported my issue, but before I could have her called in before a supervisor and questioned. I was fortunate to discover Neem, researched it thoroughly, am using it with great success. I did follow all the protocols with bedding, clothing etc and was just in the worst hell of my life. I'm glad you didn't go through that, but pls don't minimize what some of the others are going through. I'm lucky I live alone, but I was petrified to go visit or have friends over, became very isolated. This is a totally ignored issue by the medical community that is flaring out of control because treatment hasn't kept up, I feel the medical community is judgmental feeling the sufferers brought it on themselves by poor life practices, and w/many people w/out insurance the condition persists and is passed on. I feel it's ignored, and epidemic. Insect treatment specialists say fumigating doesn't work due to the nature of the mites, and it may not be that insect spray on your furniture worked- it isn't effective on scabies mites- probably more that fact that they die off the human host and don't prefer to migrate to non-human sites. Like you I'm very concerned at people eating horse paste to get ivermectin, and using vet 10% permethrin- it is so dangerous. That is the desperation of the condition, the agony and the sleeplessness that will lead you to do anything. Before I discovered the efficacy of Neem I was sponging myself in dilute bleach every night. How horrible. Then there's people claiming it's passed from their pets- it's not, and getting rid of the pets or treating them dangerously with chemicals. If a pet has an infestation it's a coincidental condition, or there is something else going on, not scabies. The misinformation IS frightening.  (Nov 28, 2013 | post #44)


Scabies is VERY treatable! My story.

This is an agonizing condition that can make you so depressed! Doctors don't take it seriously and prescribe Permethrin which has skyrocketed in price- but the latest strains of scabies are resistant to it. They won't prescribe ivermectin or Kwell- which isn't used often anymore, so may be more successful since these demonic bugs might not be resistant to it! They say it "could" cause seizures- my understanding that's in the very young, and Kwell (lindane) has always had that warning. Probably it's generic and they don't get a kickback- yrs ago it was OTC. Heck, the dr at the emergency room didn't even examine me and wouldn't have a skin scraping done, which would prove the issue to my work, where I had contracted this plague. I tried everything. Only washing myself in bleach (UGH) gave me any relief. Like all of you I washed clothes and bedding EVERY DAY. Exhausting. Let me correct some misinformation here though. Animals do not get or transmit scabies, and humans do not get sarcoptic mange- so if your pets have a problem, and you do too, there's something else going on. I'm in close physical contact w/my cats and small dog and they have no issues at all. Also, scabies don't infest the hair and scalp, so if that's occurring, again, there may be another issue as well, or simultaneous with the scabies- I verified this with a phone call to the CDC in Atlanta. Now for the good news. I discovered, thanks to this forum, Neem. What a miracle. I started out with Theraneem lotion, which gave immediate relief to a startling degree, but not a cure. I added Neem capsules and Neem oil- which I add to body lotion- doesn't take much. What a drastic change! I experienced immediate relief in the midst of the worst outbreak I'd had. After 3 weeks I feel human again, not like a pariah. The change is phenomenal. I shower with Theraneem soap twice a day, and it leaves no odor, so I can go to work like that, as well as lotioning up- again no odor except a slight incense odor of Nag Champa, which is pleasant, but also easily covered with my normal light vanilla body spray. No residue. At night I coat myself from neck to soles of my feet with Neem oil in lotion- the odor IS strange, but I don't find it as repellant as some folks do, I smell like I coated myself in beef bouillon. It is easily absorbed and only faintly oily if you really lotion up. Good for spot application too. I've had no reactions to it- pregnant women or those trying to be should read up on it though, as it is used as a pregnancy inhibitor in India. I can't tell you enough how well this is working for me! No more bleach!!!! No more washing bedding endlessly, exhausted at midnight when I come home from work! No more freezing in my bathroom in tears waiting for the dilute bleach to dry- I am also sickened by the smell of bleach, but had come to think of it as my savior- (if it's your only option right now, it does work, dilute about half and half and sponge on, at least you can get some sleep). No more OTC sleeping pills and waking logy in the morning unable to get up. And Neem is fantastic for your skin ladies! I will continue to use Neem soap and lotion even after I'm sure this is gone. I will continue at least the soap and capsules for quite some time, I'm petrified of re-occurrences. Oh, and don't even bother with that $20 internet permethrin- it didn't have the consistency of prescrip permethrin, and I thought that was odd, and immediately upon applying I went from a mild occurrence to the worst outbreak I ever had, including obvious burrowing which I'd never had before. My heart goes out to all you fellow sufferers. I've had accidents, multiple surgeries and all- this is WORSE than anything I've ever gone through. I was so depressed at one point, afraid to visit or have friends over, I did think of suicide. Particularly w/out insurance, but what good would that have done anyway? The doctors are clueless and just don't care.  (Nov 28, 2013 | post #43)


Ortiz not worried about being linked to PED users

I have no concerns whatsoever about David Ortiz. I wonder what the purpose of this article was, to drum up some readership with a little left-handed smear campaign? Stick to rooting out and cleaning up the bad apples, and stop trying to tar honorable players with that brush.  (Feb 23, 2009 | post #9)