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Sep 1, 2012

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PROOF - Get Vics and More Away From Topix

When will this crap ever end?? I am not understanding why this area of topix stays open? I say that, but I do come here and now I can't figure out why I waste my time. The only topics are clearly from people looking for meds(like myself) who aren't going to find them. Then the scammers who MUST make something or they wouldn't be coming out in groves. I can't find any useful topics regarding the meds I need. I miss the old DB site. Yes, people were looking for meds too,but we also said useful shit from time to time. Wally, you really do a service for newbies. I would have wasted a good bit of money by now if I did not see your warning on 99% of the 'sales' threads on here. I guess I 'might' be able to find someone legit ( if any exist ) by just searching for post in which you haven't posted a Well, that might not work cause I doubt you can catch them all. Thanks  (Feb 7, 2013 | post #20)

Looking For Good Pain Doctor & Hydro Order To Tide Me Ov...

I am hoping a CP patient might be able to help me by giving me the name of a good doctor and/or reliable pain clinic that would treat me? It can be difficult to get proper treatment for my condition. I have suffered with endometriosis for several years. It is miserable to suffer through this each month. A few months back I was in so much pain I went to the ER. Normally, I either suffer through it or if I'm lucky I am able to find some lortabs or percocets to get me through it. I hate going to the ER,because it takes forever to get to the back and the pain is like being in labor. The doctor gave me a CT scan and said I was in bad pain due to large cyst on my ovaries. So he gave me dillaudad (not sure of spelling) through and IV and it helped a great deal. I could feel the pain,but it was very distant. I had never taken that med before. The doctor then prescribed me 30 10mg percocet. I am surprised he gave me those. Other times I've gotten perc 5s and been glad to have them. I usually would get some hydrocodone. The thing is, I can't bare to have to keep this up. I also can't afford to just keep looking for a doctor to help me. I have to pay for each visit and I doubt I'll find one on my 1st or 2nd shot. This is why its easier for me to find what I need locally. I try not to be picky about what pain pills I get. It can be hydro, percs I've even taken a roxy 2 or 3 times. I admit that the roxy helped the most of any med I've taken and I only took half because they cost anywhere from $20-$30 if you can find them around here. It is very hard to find anything when you really need it around here. This is why I am resorting to asking for help here. I'd like to find a doctor in GA that can help. I'd also like to find where I could order online w/o losing my money. I signed up with a site I heard about "TheSRd" I don't know if you can mention it here or not. I am not even sure how legit they are,but am thinking of taking a chance. Any help is really appreciated. I am not a person who likes to not follow the laws and I would not consider myself a junkie. For me, I KNOW how much pain I will be in for about 10 days each month. The pain is like active labor..who the hell wants to be in active labor each month?? My pain makes me take chances I'd otherwise never take. Thank you for listening and hopefully for helping.  (Feb 5, 2013 | post #1)

Chronic Pain

Legit Seller? I'm thinking not....

I have not purchased anything from here. I've looked,but I'm thinking "if" anyone is legit they are smart and keeping tight lipped about it. They probably don't have to look hard for customers and don't care about taking on new ones. The ones that need new customers badly are trying to take your money. I haven't heard anything good about Cameroon. I would NOT send my money to anyone. I'd at least meet F2F with someone. I know there are some legit online sites that sell pain medications. The problem is I don't know which ones do yet. I am a member of another CP forum and once you have a very high number of post you get into a special section where you can find these legit sources. I've been a member for a long time,but I don't have enough post. I know most people just type useless info until they get the right amount of post,but I just don't have time for that. I am in the process of trying to find a good pain management doctor or clinic. I haven't had any luck figuring out how things work around here. I wish you the best of luck and DON'T send your money to Cameroon. It sucks bad to be w/o meds,but I'd rather have my money and be in w/d in case I got lucky and came across what I need. You will feel worse w/o money and/or meds.  (Feb 5, 2013 | post #2)

Imodium... and Zantac... STOP WITHDRAWALS!

I have to say that there is something to this... really. I've been in withdrawals before and tried immodium and it did not help like it did this time. Yesterday, I was in horrible w/d. I was sweating, hot/cold flashes and chills, yawning, runny nose, sneezing, restless legs,no sleep,irritable, etc... I have shit I really need to do and I couldn't lay in bed for a few days. I sent my husband to walmart and told him to get me generic immodium and generic zantac. I took 2 zantac and 8 immodium at about 12:30 am. After about an hour I felt so much better. It kind of wired me though because I stayed online until about 6 am. The difference is I felt fine. I wouldn't say I felt a hydro high per say. However, the last time I was in withdrawals I had about 30 T3's and I did not know if those would help, but after taking many of them I wasn't in withdrawals either. I have to say I felt alot like I did when I took those t3's except the t3's were worse because I itched like crazy. I really don't know what to think. Like I said, I would not call it a high and really I think its like I am comparing how horrible I felt in w/d against not being in w/d. I MUST say that for me they surely work to get rid of w/d. I mean yesterday I felt like I could just scream and today I am doing laundry and cleaning up and in much better spirits. This is not a placebo as far as w/d goes. If I don't have at least 30 mg of hydro in my system every 6 or so hours I start feeling bad. It happens really quickly for me and it is miserable. My husband doesn't experience w/d like I do no matter how many hydro he takes or how long he takes them and I don't get it. I actually suffer from CP,but he doesn't. I wonder if its other meds he takes that does something to his brain that helps him not suffer. He takes abilify and effexor. Oh and I don't think you really HAVE to take so many immodium for relief. I just try to measure it like to get myself out of w/d I really could be ok with 20 mg of that would equal 10 immodium tabs. Last night I took 8 and was fine. YMMV, but I think I'd start with as few as possible and work my way up or measure it by what you'd need to get out of w/d ... not get high.  (Sep 19, 2012 | post #2566)

Advances Against Chronic Pain

You are ABSOLUTELY correct! Thank you for reminding me of this. Its really hard to know what to do. Its tempting to try out a pain clinic, but which ones are legit and which ones are pill mills? I wouldn't even mind going to a pain clinic that is considered a "pill mill" from a moral stand-point. Especially, since I'd probably walk out with more than enough of what I need to live a pain free life. And how many doctors will I have to go see before I am treated adequately? You never know and all the while you suffer. It would be just my luck though I'd show up at the pain clinic the same day the DEA decides to take them down. Then I can be on the news for all my family to see!! No, I really don't condone the "pill mills" its makes things hard for people who NEED their pain medication. I just wonder how many are really compassionate doctors that are trying to help people in real pain. If you come into the doctors office and you have previous diagnosis, ct scans, mri's, x-rays etc.. You have a provable condition that requires the pain medication why shouldn't the doctor help you? Well, I am just ranting because I have been in a great deal of pain this weekend. I've been in so much pain I was unable to attend my son's drama showcase! My insurance ran out the last day of August, so I couldn't go to the ER even though my pain is at a true 8 and I can't keep anything down (which happens to me when I have these painful episodes). I could afford to go to a walk-in clinic, but they won't help me with abdominal pain. They'll send me to the ER thinking I could possibly have appendicitis, I don't. The ER will surely want to do a CT Scan which I can in no way afford to pay for. I can't have a huge medical bill on my credit reports. Been there before, finally got them removed and I don't want to go through that again. Ughh.....  (Sep 9, 2012 | post #16)

Ironton, OH

obamas speech

Comparing President Obama to Adolf Hitler is completely ignorant.  (Sep 9, 2012 | post #7)

Ironton, OH

obamas speech

What is it that people say about opinions? Love Obama or Hate must admit his speeches are truly AMAZING. I wish people understood that its perfectly fine to disagree with someone without having so much hate towards them.  (Sep 7, 2012 | post #3)

Advances Against Chronic Pain

My mothers oncologist tried to sit down and explain to her that all pain is, is your brain telling your body is hurting!!! I think he said nerves telling your brain its in pain or something to that affect. And I remember my mother saying "well can you prescribe me something that will tell my brain it is feeling fine today". I mean seriously, I have endometriosis, neuropathy after having a tumor removed and serious issues with ovarian cyst. I am not prescribed anything for pain on a regular basis. I have to be in the middle of a very painful episode causing me to go to the ER to get pain relief. Then I am given a CT scan which shows my issue and they'll send me home with #20 percocets. Its just such a hassle to go through when something flares up each month. If its bad enough I have to sit in the ER for 8-12 hours awaiting relief. It would be so much easier if my PCP would prescribe a small amount of pain meds each month so I could avoid this. I am sure there is a doc out there that would, but searching for one is probably considered "doctor shopping". I hate to even complain though,because I know so many of you out there have much worse issues than I do. I am in pain on average 10 days out of the month. Many of you hurt everyday all day. My heart goes out to you all.  (Sep 7, 2012 | post #14)

Advances Against Chronic Pain

I guess they'll try anything to avoid prescribing pain medications to patients. I don't understand why CPP's especially those with obvious legit pain can't get properly treated. This is the problem we should be hearing about all over the news, but NO its all about those who are abusing drugs. Yes, many people abuse prescription pills, many people eat to much, drink to much caffeine, watch too much T.V.etc... My mother was suffering from cancer of the breast which spread to her lungs, bones and liver. She was in a great deal of pain and was prescribed #90 lortab 7.5 milligrams all the way until she passed away. I always felt like they should have prescribed her a stronger narcotic, but when she asked she came home crying saying the nurse called her an addict. I was SO pissed off,but she just let it go.  (Sep 7, 2012 | post #10)

Stanton, KY

Walking dead.. Any ideas on what's to come?

I'm really not sure what's going to happen. I can't wait to find out exactly how the zombie disease is spreading and if most everyone has gotten it in their system somehow. I absolutely LOVE this show and it IS really addicting. Whenever anyone is looking for a new show to get into I always suggest The Walking Dead. I am also a HUGE True Blood fan and was sorry to see the finale last week. Now I have nothing to watch right now and I can't wait for this one to finally get going again. The only other show I really have gotten into lately is 'Falling Skies". That show is pretty good also. Can't wait to here what others think might happen in the new season.  (Sep 2, 2012 | post #2)