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Jan 8, 2008

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US veterans sue over 'poor care'

I am super concerned that in all the hoopla of being so happy as Americans that we aren't acting like the citizens when the vietnam vets came home, that meanwhile we are forgetting that action means to make sure the vets we are messing with over this inane fighting, have recourse. if we were in their shoes even for a day, we would want to kill ourselves too... so, what can we do to get help for the vets.. who do we have to contact... where does our spiritual activism take us, if not for the folks who really need us right now. see this http://www.opednew era_jason_le_08042 2_va_tried_to_conc eal_.htm and http://www.opednew era_jason_le_08042 1_va_confirms_18_v ets_.htm VA Confirms 18 Vets Commit Suicide Everyday I wrote to the author of these articles and told him that thanks to our scola channel that in 2003 i knew about the suicides, (french tv) even though it never was reported in the mainstream media... i then was on my anti-tylenol campaign, and in 2003 googled tylenol, suicides, soldiers in iraq and found that the defense department was so overwhlemed with tyleonol suicides (the premier way to end life in the uk) that the govt was consluting (interesting misspelling) with uk specialists as to how to dispense tylenol one pill at a time... something wrong with this picture? everyone knows that mental torment is exacerbated when a person is denied the right to talk about something troubling them...thus the appeal for a round table forum at aa meetings....why the gag order on the one is willing to address the disparity between promises and reality? so, what are we going to do about this national tragedy...with our national treasures, as the vets are called... doesn't sound like the govt is doing it's part to restore confidence is a system rife with defects...and injured parties... a gal at the University of Northern Iowa said that funds were just cut for the vets...what is going on... i am looking for grants to help them with ptsd (I just returned from helping inuit in canada) and oh no, can't find any organizations to help vets)...i googled grants for vets and for weeks now get daily mail on the cuts for grants... what an embarrassment and a travesty.  (Apr 22, 2008 | post #290)

Science / Technology

Imagination In Elderly Linked To Memory Decline

I am wondering if people who drink aspartame (the diet in diet soda pop) have less imaginations? There is a pandemic of overweight people who don't lose weight on diet drinks (they can't because the stuff resets your metabolism and you can't lose) and could a side effect be lack of thinking (imagination)? Just wondering...  (Jan 8, 2008 | post #1)

Cedar Falls, IA

Improvements needed before election season

Amazing that we didn't think of mikes, walkie talkies, greeters at the doors, handicapped parking, etc. In all the chaos, there was no mean spiritedness however,and so the democratic process goes on...yea America.  (Jan 8, 2008 | post #1)

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anchor baby origins

It is my understanding that an anchor baby law was enacted when the nation was a baby, so that the new babies wouldn't be brits... this has nothing to do with the clarification in the 14th amendment which now ensured that slaves would be legally americans instead of africans, by their birthright here. It is well known by anyone living in LA or south border states that people cross the border for the anchor baby carrot, and if we clarified that that is not what the USA is about and changed that one thing, all the legal aliens will rejoice with the people who support our economy as citizens. It is also well known that the illegal baby anchor players do leave their families back in the old country to which they flow much of their earnings, so they do not contribute to nor embrace body soul and spirit the new "homeland " like our grandparents did, to assimilate language, commerce and roots in America. They mentally don't live here, which is why you see their old country flags flying in their immigration protests. Now all we need are courageous legislators who can hold several thoughts in their minds at once and take action.  (Jan 8, 2008 | post #1)