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Oct 26, 2013

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Greenville, SC

Worst Neigborhoods in Greenville

I'm just shocked at some of the earlier posts.. Responding to the people in poverty.. The people with the "woe is me " responses.. Were you born into poverty!?!? To say.. Hey, I went to college so we had the same equal chance to better ourselves.. That's sickening.. I myself have 3 college degrees.. And all of them studying anthropology and the situation of the less fortunate.. Just because you had the opportunity to go to college, you think you're equal and they had the same opportunity? Did you have to drop out in 10th grade to get a minimum wage job so your siblings could eat to stay alive? Get off your high horse.. You're all ignorant if you blame everyone for not being rich like you.. Sure, some people can climb out.. But I promise, if 90% of you actually were born into the same situation you'd be on drugs, dealing drugs, or selling yourself too.. It sickens me to hear price legend people say, hey, just go apply and get a job making 100k a year!! That's what I did!!" You're all ignorant.. Poverty breeds poverty whether you believe it or not.. And you're dumb and ignorant to think everyone had the same chance as you.. And if you disagree, PM me.. I promise I came from a better situation and am far more educated than you.. But I'm not ignorant.. I've studied this, lived on the streets, I know more than you.. WAYYYYY more than you.. And I'm wayyyyy smarter than you.. So quit blaming everyone but yourself just so you can justify being greedy and not giving back.. You're pathetic, you know who you are..  (May 23, 2014 | post #109)