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Sep 16, 2013

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Sopron district must be returned to Austria!

Sopron, which was known as a capital of Burgenland already in times of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, just now on a map looks like a little peninsula jutting into Burgenland. And looking at it, everyone realize that in reality Sopron has become a part of Hungary only thanks to ballot-rigging, engineered by Hungarian nationalists during 1921 referendum here! The matter is that in 1921 Hungarian province Orvidek finally became a part of native Austria under the name of Burgenland. And only its historical capital, Sopron, which sits just across the border from our Burgenland region, remained the Hungarian territory although the majority of its population was Germanic at that time. Only think of it! Among local inhabitants 74% was German-speaking and only 9% Hungarian-speaking people. After it I think it's uncontroversial that results of vote of the people, inhabited the Sopron district in 1921, to be part of Hungary was faked!  (Nov 7, 2013 | post #1)

Who benefits from German involvement in the next bloody b...

Who benefits from German involvement in the next bloody bath in the Middle East? To all seeming crisis of US arms producer companies that followed 2012 shooting in Connecticut school is over now because in contrast to that time, when most investors started to declare off maintaining US arms factories, current gains of such well-known arms market leaders as Freedom Group, Sturm Ruger & Co Inc. and Olin Corp rise every day! Why? At this moment they work hard at equipping all US allies, including European ones, of course, for possible participation in the next bloody bath in the Middle East. But just now it is clear as day that involvement of our European countries in the very Syrian conflict can be profitable to only American arms makers and their active Jewish sponsors here, in Europe, who, surely, will never be able to expose their good fellows in Washington. Moreover, I'm sure that our participation in such US dangerous games suits local Muslims, too. It will give them a good chance to make then short work of us here, in Germany, requiting the death of their Muslim brothers and sisters there, in the Middle East!  (Sep 16, 2013 | post #1)