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Jul 25, 2013

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East Pasadena, CA

Council rejects Kare offer

If he ever bothered to look at the other side of the Kare Youth League cult debate, Harry Joe would be dismayed. Info is easily available about cults and their characteristics. They match Kare's traits almost perfectly. Take a look for yourself: http://www.icsahom t_faq.asp?ID=376 I left the Kare compound a little over ten years ago. Has Kare changed that much in ten years? Really?  (Sep 8, 2013 | post #118)

East Pasadena, CA

Council rejects Kare offer

Well... Looks like we've had a few comments in the last month... I think I'm happy to see? Thanks for this Tomas. Those of us who claim "damage" as a result of our experiences at Kare will have various amounts of "damage" . When I was a fresh "quitter " of the Kare Youth League/Rio Hondo Prep cult, I knew a couple of guys who were quite angry. And violent. I knew the guys before we all quit (or were kicked out) within a year or so's time. After we were all officially quitters, for a brief time we were all fairly close with each other. I knew their personalities and felt their rage for basically all of us having our childhood and adolescence stolen from us. Both these guys ended up getting arrested a few times each. They were angry. And violent. And I completely understood why. One of my old friends, unfortunately, had to do a couple of years in the state "corrections " system. That's a terrible price to pay. I have mostly lost touch with both of them, but I understand that both have been able to "settle down", and live quiet, productive lives. I think of them often, and I think of both of them especially right now. I wish them peace. I'll be reading.  (Sep 6, 2013 | post #114)

East Pasadena, CA

Council rejects Kare offer

Proud Student has apparently drunk the Kool-Aid. Horror stories are relative. I think the horror stories are mostly of psychological/emot ional/spiritual abuse. There was a sexual molestation case reported in the local media a few years ago. A former member confided in me as a victim of sexual molestation at Kare in the 70's. This instance was swept under the rug in order to protect the organization. I know of one child of one of the Kare leadership families who was ostracized for being Gay. Another was subjected to "Gay conversion" "therapy ". The cult of Kare is similar to the isolated and secretive institutions ripe for sexual abuse such as the Catholic Church and Penn State Football, on a much smaller scale, of course. The goal is to protect the organization, not the victim. Sexuality was a taboo topic when I was a member of Kare Youth League and a student at Rio Hondo Prep. Dating was strictly controlled. Behavior between the sexes, such as note passing and phone calls, was highly monitored. When I was a member, all marriages required approval of elder leadership. Yes, despite Harry Joe's assertion, the staff of Kare Youth League, Rio Hondo Prep, and Pearl Prep are all related via blood or marriage. The single adults have been lifelong members of the organization. This is not a place where a young graduate of seminary would be welcomed to help improve the church. Their church is Kare Youth Church. This is not a place where outsiders are welcome. When I was part of this organization, we were taught to fear outsiders. We were even taught to not inform our parents of all the teachings that were discussed in the countless team meetings, class meetings, camping trips, etc. I recall a teammate's parent sarcastically stating that we were ready to go camping at Mount Kare so that we could get more brainwashing... As far as me, personally, yes, I was brainwashed. In the parlance of those who study cults, I was a victim of mind control. I was devastated too, as a couple of other commentators on this thread mentioned, when I quit the organization. My abuse was emotional. I was shunned at a place I had given my life too... I was part of the Kare Cult for almost 14 years. I was a child when I started at Kare Youth League playing soccer, etc. I began at the Rio Hondo Prep school as a fifth grader. I graduated from the high school in the early 90's. The entire time in my membership of the cult, I "volunteered " countless hours to the organization. I was an assistant leader to countless younger children. As a young adult in their Rio Hondo Leadership Academy (RHLA) the grooming process of leadership in the cult had commenced. However, I finally had to leave this place due to the overwhelming control on my life that they insisted on. I was devastated. I had devoted myself, in the name of God, since the age of 6, and I had to enter the dreaded outside world alone. As a member, I learned that the world of Kare was pure and correct, and the outside was a place to fear. I was shunned by classmates and teammates that I grew up with. I was ignored by leaders with whom I had given all of my free time in order to assist with younger children. What kind of organization allows for lifelong devotion and then shuns you after more than a decade of dedication? It's not about being against Christianity as Proud Student suggests. I still am a Christian. It was indeed a struggle, but I learned that Christ is about love as opposed to the condemning, angry, fearful religiosity that is drummed into the heads of us victims. The saddest thing is that these are children we speak of. Vulnerable, innocent children. Not all will feel as damaged. But many do. I hope that more folks will share their stories.  (Jul 25, 2013 | post #42)

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