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Feb 27, 2014

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Denver, CO

You rule the planet. How do you save the human race from...

A narcissist is anyone who won't let me manipulate them! Study socialism again, there is more than one form and has been tried in more than one country. nice try Respect71  (Feb 27, 2014 | post #1180)

Denver, CO

Colo. gay discrimination alleged over wedding cake

Why should we support a business that obviously is too busy to do a good job for us if they can turn down business from someone because of who they love? They are not going to bake with love if you think about it and didn't your grandma say love was the secret ingredient in all her recipes!  (Feb 27, 2014 | post #1439)

Denver, CO


Smile! We depend on tourism. It helps our economy to project friendliness. It's one aspect of being in business that doesn't cost a thing.  (Feb 27, 2014 | post #1)

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Naples, Florida

Local Favorites:

Seafood when I am home from college!

When I'm Not on Topix:

I am training to run in a marathon. volunteering at the Humane Society. Occassionally studying for my biology degree!

Read My Forum Posts Because:

I am not just another pretty face!

I'm Listening To:

Usher, Pink, and yes, jazz

Read This Book:

Come to Your Senses

Favorite Things:

Hot chocolate with cinnamon, running, skiing,oysters, lobster

I Believe In:

love and understanding, throw in a little play and hard work