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Jun 20, 2010

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Nashville, TN

Teen Challenge Exposed!

Someone said forced to drink their own vomit!! That is the biggest lie from the devil that I've ever heard!! These kids there need to GROW UP!! You're enabling your son or daughter when you have to have contact with them 24/7!!! They need to grow up!! Quit enabling them! My son left his towel on the bathroom floor there and he had to carry and 2 pound (2 pounds okay) little block of wood around for two weeks to remember next time to pick it up!!! Geese what kind of punishment is that??? It's just a "reminder " for him to QUIT BEING LAZY (WHICH I GUARANTEE MOST OF YOUR SONS AND DAUGHTERS WHO HAVE A DRUG PROBLEM ARE LAZY). My son was lazy!! Now, he's learning to be a responsible human being!! I get to visit with him every 2 weeks. He gets to call me! I can visit the churches they go to!! And they are WONDERFUL PEOPLE AND WONDERFUL CHURCHES!! AMERICAN YOU'RE SO BLIND! Most of you parents probably think it's okay to have a little night cap drinky in front of your kids! Just don't abuse it honey! Just don't abuse it! It's okay for a little smoking a joint or having a little party or a football party with some boos or some friends over! Those things are okay, honey!! NOT!!! That's what you tell them and that's A LIE STRAIGHT FROM THE PITS OF HELL!!! Or, no, let's give them Vivitral or Seboxin - YEAH, THAT WILL WORK! And let's get them on Welfare and keep them LAZY! And teach them that everybody OWES YOU SOMETHING!!! NO THEY DON'T!! GROW UP!!! WAKE UP!!!!! I WANT TO CUSS HERE BUT I'M NOT!  (Aug 17, 2012 | post #597)

Nashville, TN

Teen Challenge Exposed!

My son is at Teen Challenge at one of the number one rated ones in the US!!! I thank God everyday for this place!!! They are helping these individuals learn how to be responsible human beings!! My son is there now, and he's allowed to call me and I'm allowed to visit him. It's better than prison or 9 feet under the ground in a tomb dead from a drug overdose!! Satan is out to destroy and try to humiliate the work of God!!! Satan counterfeits everything of God!!! You don't see anyone bashing prison on here, do you? There are over 70 men and women at my son's facility and it's not 'FREE' to feed these hungry kids!!! It's not 'FREE' TO HOUSE THEM!!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE! My son is now drug free!! No Seboxin no Vivitral and not passed out drunk or high somewhere acting like a fool!!!! Not dead even!!! God has totally turned his life around!! You must not believe in God or you wouldn't be bashing this place who tries to help!!! God created someone like you and you're still alive if you're reading this. You better fall on your knees and thank HIM!!! Because he can take the very breath you breathe away from you anytime!!! Get a life with Jesus!! Seek him and you'll find him. No one bashes prison!! Guess where that money comes from to house inmates (FROM YOU - IF YOU'RE NOT ON WELFARE) IF YOU'RE A TRUE TAX PAYING CITIZEN!!! And they allow sex, drugs and all kinds of CRAP there!! But that's okay right? haha Get real people! Find the truth!! I've seen articles online where people say some of the leaders of the place fell into sin and got arrested! That's their fault if they did and IF IT'S THE TRUTH!! Everybody wants to hear lies and not the truth!!! And that's the devil (BECAUSE HE'S THE FATHER OF LIES!!! The devil is only out to kill, steal and destroy the people who are going for God instead of the ones ALREADY GOING TO HELL. It could happen to the Pope! Sin is sin and the world is full of it!! Those people working there that would not be doing God's work will get caught!! They'll get their reward!!!! Teen Challenge is a good place and these men and women there are hungry for the love of God, for someone to care about them and wrap their arms around them!!! I've known people who pay $30,000 for rehab and come out and do it all over again!! Spend thousands and thousands of dollars for help and still can't find it!!! Teen Challenge goes strictly on donations!!! These people aren't there to get rich and steal from you!!! Like I said, if they do, God help them!! I thank God everyday that my son is not being BRAINWASHED with drugs and the LIES OF SATAN!! lies, lies, lies!! Itchy ears want to hear lies!!! There's scripture about that, too!!! People wake up!! America we're in trouble!! Jesus is coming back for a spotless bride and you better be covered by the blood of Jesus that cleanses us ALL OF UNRIGHTEOUSNESS!!! Thank you Jesus!!! I'm not going to let Satan lie about this place!! They don't beat you at Teen Challenge and they don't throw Bibles at you!! It might be good if they did! Knock some sense into you people who are brainwashed of things of this world!!!! If someone at Teen Challenge did something, I guess it's 'TRUE' one bad apple can spoil the rest!! And the ones who aren't doing anything wrong gets bashed too!!!!  (Aug 17, 2012 | post #596)

Topsail Beach, NC

what are they filming at topsail beach in that big yellow...

Just curious as to what they are filming on Topsail Beach in that big yellow house on the ocean. It's when you turn left at City Hall and drive down through there. :))  (Aug 3, 2011 | post #1)

Bardstown, KY

Eddie Unseld Jr.

Sure would like to hear back from you amen!  (Jul 26, 2011 | post #4)

Bardstown, KY

Eddie Unseld Jr.

My father is Ed Unseld, Jr. and I understand he has two children (son) Billy Unseld and a daughter who has MS. He's married to a Judy I believe. I do not "personally " know my father, but he is my father and he knows it.  (Jul 7, 2011 | post #3)

Bardstown, KY

Eddie Unseld Jr.

Hope you had yet another Happy Father's Day! From your forgotten daughter in West Virginia!  (Jun 20, 2011 | post #1)

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Happy Father's Day to my father in Bardstown

Happy Father's Day, Ed Unseld! From your daughter in West Virginia!  (Jun 20, 2010 | post #1)

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