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Sep 18, 2008

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Wahiawa, HI

Latest update of Politicians running for office elections/candidat es/reports/2014/ca ndidate-report_201 4-03-07.pdf  (Mar 10, 2014 | post #1)

Wahiawa, HI

Medical Marijuana in rental units

http://www.hawaiif lesMain/tabid/56/I D/12118/HB1503-Pro hibit-Landlords-fr om-Evicting-Mariju ana-Smokers.aspx?u tm_source=March+9% 2C+2014+News+from+ Hawaii+Free+Press &utm_campaign= March+9%2C+2014+Em ail&utm_medium =email This should assist in encouraging rental owners to increase the rent as insurance premiums will probably increase and since there is a strong possibility that the unit will be taken away, the owner will want to purchase insurance or charge accordingly to recoup the potential loss. This law won't help anyone and will irritate many.  (Mar 10, 2014 | post #1)

Ukraine: Russia demands that 2 warships surrender

I watched several documentaries about Putin's rise to power on Youtube. One was from BBC. What an eye opener. Putin has openly stated that he wants to pretty much put the USSR back together again. He destabilized Chechnya, put in a puppet government and claims he has. no part in it. However, it is now stable enough for him to run his pipeline through it. The documentary also showed how he stole GAZPROM from it's rightful owners by increasing the taxes to more than 100% and didn't allow it to run through the court system, even though it was pretty obvious that he was making up the rules as he went. He's done pretty much the same thing to the media outlets in Russia. He locks up anyone that talks smack about him (Pussy Riot.) So, is anyone surprised or in doubt about what he has planned for Ukraine? I see 193? Czechoslavakia all over again. Problem is, China is watching too. What will they do if we allow Putin to grab his neighbors? Will they absorb S. Korea, Japan, Philipines? What about Iran? Time to bring out the big stick and let the world know that the U.S. still has a big stick and has the determination to use it to protect those that cannot protect themselves.  (Mar 3, 2014 | post #4)

Wahiawa, HI

Suit brought down Army's large cross at Kolekole Pass - H...

Actually, it would probably have been Russian as the Russians would have loved to have a warm water port. Fortunately, they were to mired down fighting the Japanese (and getting whooped). When people find fault in history, they conveniently tend to leave out all the different things that are occurring at that point in time so they can make their own conclusions sound justified. Of course, maybe it is time to return Hawaii to the real Hawaiians (100%, not halves or less that only call themselves Hawaiian.) Remove all the improvements that the "invaders " have made over the last 3 centuries and allow the "natives " to return to fighting amongst themselves and raiding each other for fun/prestige. May the strongest survive. Some may think that will be paradise, but the rest of us enjoy the finer things that been passed to us through America's heritage and advances that were only possible due to the freedoms that haven't been relinquished to the government and others that feel a need to control/dominate others.  (Feb 14, 2014 | post #70)

Stamford, CT

Election Poll, Sept 2011 - Stamford, CT

I agree. Where's the Herminator?  (Oct 8, 2011 | post #7)

Wahiawa, HI

Wahiawa's Oahi Street to be Renovated.

This is great. Now, where will the miscreants go? To California Avenue. These people don't disappear, they just take their problems to another neighborhood/street.  (Oct 8, 2011 | post #2)

Honolulu Star-Bulletin

States loosen rules on tests for high school diplomas - H...

States should stop expecting High Schools to teach the basics. Develop an entrance exam for High School. If an individual cannot pass the entrance exam, they remain in K-9 until they can do so or if of a certain age can switch to a trade school/alternative. This will ensure that those in High School have the necessary tools to actually learn what is being presented to them.  (Jan 12, 2010 | post #1)

Honolulu Star-Bulletin

Letters to the Editor - Hawaii Editorials

Safety ..... Fireworks If your rationale were to be applied a bit more broadly, no one could drive to work, public transportation only; all fast food restaurants would be banned; walking and swimming at the beach would be banned; hiking and rock climbing would be banned. All that was missing in the fireworks incident was parental guidance. I'm sure those same parents also let the kids play in the street w/o supervision. I think the fireworks laws are strong already. They need to be enforced and penalties should be severe enough for people to think twice prior to breaking them.  (Jan 11, 2010 | post #2)

Honolulu Star-Bulletin

Letters to the editor - Hawaii Editorials

Sounds okay until that means you don't have a roof over your head or 1 square meal a day (can't afford 3.) More better would be a flat deduction of the first $40k an individual makes (as that is about what it costs to exist in Hawaii) and anything after that is taxed 10%, flat. So, if you make $100k /year, you would owe $6k in taxes. If you make $45k, you would contribute $500. Limit welfare, section 8 and any other assistance to a fixed dollar amount or time and mandate attendance in self improvement classes to assist in making individuals employable. If an individual chooses not to participate (won't take the drug test, attend classes on time, etc.), no money. For unemployment, instead of 3 interviews /week, reduce it to 2 and 3 days per week of public service cleaning parks, beaches, trails, etc. Include the drug tests (random or monthly) as well as mandatory skills training. Put a fixed lifetime limit on this "benefit " also. Approximately 51% of the population pay all the taxes. The rest of the population benefits from paying nothing. It's time to get more to participate in contributing to maintaining our roads, parks, social services, etc.  (Jan 5, 2010 | post #64)

Honolulu Star-Bulletin

Letters to the editor - Hawaii Editorials

"Everyone in Hawaii that works more than 20 hours has health care" is b.s. This is why a lot of people are under employed. The employers, including the State, have found ways to go around this law to ensure they do not have to provide medical to their employees. This in turn has caused the citizens of Hawaii to have multiple jobs just to make ends meet as no one wants to hire a full time worker and have to pay their medical. To top it off, the HRS states "If you are required to share in the premium cost for your coverage, your share cannot be more than 1.5% of your monthly wages or one-half the premium cost (whichever is less). Your employer pays the balance." Of course, the bargaining agreements between the State and it's employees allow the government to only pay 60% of the premium which means that it is in violation of it's own laws (I've been told that CBA trumps the HRS which is another story.) It's time that someone told the truth how much this law to force employers to provide health care to employees actually costs employees as they are not able to work full time at one job or their employment may even be disguised as contracted employment when it shouldn't be.  (Jan 5, 2010 | post #3)

Honolulu Star-Bulletin

Lingle wants counties' money - Hawaii News

Time to cut a bit more out of the Government. There is no reason for the State to steal from the counties. If sufficient funding cannot be found without stealing from the counties, the State will need to either reduce the scope of government or raise taxes. Stealing from the counties only forces the counties to have to resort to the above. Of course, perhaps that is what Lingle and the legislature want as the counties haven't had to furlough their employees, yet. Blow the rainy day and hurricane funds already. We will be at this point again next year and maybe those extra 11 months will allow the people to hire some new representatives/se nators/governor with some good ideas and the cajones to do what needs to be done, no matter how distasteful it may be to some of the receivers.  (Dec 22, 2009 | post #5)

Honolulu Star-Bulletin

Defense bill shifts war spending priorities - Hawaii News

Wrong. Percentage wise, the U.S. does not spend more. The U.S. allocates approximately 8.5% of the budget to the military whereas countries such as North Korea expend more than 1/2 of their budget. China only expends 3 or 4%, but their finances are much greater than ours now and their army is much larger than ours (and updating it quickly based on our technological handovers.) Cut the military and you will no longer hear the bells of freedom (not that you care to speak your mind overly much anyways.)  (Dec 15, 2009 | post #2)

Honolulu Star-Bulletin

Airport upgrades overdue for takeoff - Hawaii Editorials

There were plans to expand and modernize in 1989. Unfortunately, the Japanese economy went south and the funds dried up (Governor Cayetano.) The plans were put on the back burner and only the inter-island terminal was built as it was already started. Again, plans were developed in the late 90's to improve the terminal and 9/11 occurred and Governor Lingle cancelled all building because the economy went south. All the previous plans were scrapped in 2003 and new consultants/archit ects were hired to develop new ideas to expand the terminal. Some of these ideas are now being enacted in an attempt to get started before the next regime change. The politicians need to be absolved of onerous burden of running the airport system. The consultants are making millions each time the plans change, yet nearly nothing is built. With a stable consistent management team, the airport could plan and improve as funds allowed w/o paying exorbitant consultant fees over and over and actually have new buildings as needed instead of as requested by "special friends" or "donors" of a given political campaign. It is time for a port authority or to divest the State of the airports and let each county run their own airports to minimize the political wrangling at the top and the potential for political gain at the detriment of the airport system users.  (Dec 10, 2009 | post #14)

Honolulu Star-Bulletin

Airport upgrades overdue for takeoff - Hawaii Editorials

And when you have a layover of 6 hours, where are you going to go or what are going to do? How about when you arrive for your flight and you have some time to kill or forgot to buy a knick knack for that "important " somebody where you are going. Some people like to shop, some don't. The airport has these for the former and also as a method to help pay to keep the airport operating. If not for these concessionaires, your airfare would be significantly higher as the airlines would have to pay the entire bill which they would then roll in to the ticket prices.  (Dec 9, 2009 | post #11)

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