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Sep 25, 2009

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US News

Obama urges Senate to return to D.C. for NSA vote

Look, these guys are going to sit there on TV and debate this. It's a play for votes for the coming election season. In reality though, at the 11th hour it will be passed and extended and your Right to Privacy and Right to Due Process will continue to be violated.  (Wednesday | post #4)

US News

US Department of Justice statement on FIFA corruption probe

Want to talk about corruption? Look no further than Washington DC.  (Wednesday | post #1)

US News

Streets calm after 71 arrested in Cleveland protests

https://www.youtub ZoNTNZs  (Tuesday May 26 | post #15)

US News

Critics slam HBO drama 'Game of Thrones' for rape scene

"Critics slam HBO drama 'Game of Thrones' for rape scene" Is HBO not a pay movie channel? Not like Network TV. Here is a novel idea. Don't watch if one does not like it. I personally don't watch it for I refuse to pay for HBO.  (Wednesday May 20 | post #3)

US News

Amtrak train derails in Philadelphia; several people hurt

It's already there.  (Wednesday May 13 | post #2)

US News

Obama set to address roots of poverty

I got money that he blames Republicans and white people.... Anyone want to take that bet? LOL!!  (Tuesday May 12 | post #4)

US News

Report: Airport security equipment poorly managed

Shocker! https://www.youtub aKkKNtA  (Tuesday May 12 | post #1)

US News

Obama: Warren 'absolutely wrong' on trade

Amazing BS. Fortunately we the people are getting near the end of this fool's reign of power. But, just like the Republicans did with Baby Boy Bush and the Patriot Act, these idiots in power who make a case for more power and describe how THEY will not abuse the power. Nobody ever discusses about the person who takes over. Would you want the next President who ever that may be. Be it Hitlery, Jeb Bush, or whoever is propped up by $$$ powers and wins, would you want that individual with the same power. If the answer is no, then you cannot give more power to the person asking for it.  (Monday May 11 | post #25)

US News

5 things to know as U.S. Senate faces 'fast track' reques...

Do not need 5. Only need one. The TPP has been discussed in private. No access to the public has been allowed. Democracy at it's finest.  (Monday May 11 | post #1)

US News

Poll: Bush trails most of GOP field in Iowa

Out of the three, Jeb is the best. However, with the tainted name from his father and Baby Boy Bush. Jeb has no shot in hell. Should have never bothered announcing. He would be better in the cabinet type of roll as an advisor.  (Wednesday May 6 | post #3)

US News

Pentagon dispels rumors of Texas takeover

Well, first of all, I said nothing of military exercises, mot sure where you pulled that out from..... What happened after the Texas House passed the groping bill and sent it off to the Senate. The US Justice Department threatened all flights will be canceled since the TSA personnel would not be able to grab dicks and tits. If no flights could get out, airlines would not fly in because their planes would get stranded. No planes in or out is in essence a no fly zone...  (Tuesday May 5 | post #15)

US News

Pentagon dispels rumors of Texas takeover

This would not actually be the first time the Obama administration and Texas have gone head to head. For those that remember correctly, Texas passed a law that would make pat downs by TSA workers on American citizens a form of sexual assault resulting in jail time for the TSA workers. In a form of protest, the Eric Holder Justice Department used Obama to force a no fly zone over the State of Texas. The resulting threat of a no fly zone caused Deputy Gov Dewhurst to back channel and reject the law that was passed by the State House with more than 75% of the vote.  (Tuesday May 5 | post #3)

US News

Hillary Clinton will testify before Congress about Bengha...

HAHAHAHA! No Benghazi was not over a stupid film. Stop listening to what DNC talking points tell you. It's a lie. Benghazi was a gun running operation gone bad. Where Ambassador Stevens was the front man in the illegal sale and smuggling of Libyan weapons through Benghazi onto Turkish humanitarian ships that would go through Turkey and then smuggled across the Syrian border to arm the FSA, the Al Nusra Front, and ISIS. The purchaser of the weapons including shoulder held rockets was Qatar. The Qatari's needed Assad out of power in order to get a pipeline of natural gas from Saudi through Syria and into Turkey in order to compete against the Russians for supply of the natural gas market to the EU. Just google: Benghazi gun running and natural gas pipelines. It will come out.  (Tuesday May 5 | post #22)

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