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Mar 9, 2013

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General Sekouba Konate, the man of peace says thank you M...

There is no place better then matter how far yo go in life when yo return o,e you feel complete...don't allow the devastation of what is going on back home shrink your knowledge and the love of your country and people...with hard work, dedication and the right steps towards up bringing peace to our people and our home we will encounter change and be the great people we are...we are great we just need to come to realization of how great we are....  (Mar 18, 2013 | post #32)

Guinea riots spread outside capital, election talks splutter

Mr.bah why wish a war amongst our people and cause more destruction in our home the we are already enduring...people have families back home and they are worried day and night in fear of losing someone because of the fighting...stupidity isn't a term that should be used so flawlessly because yes fulani people are the majority yet are always treated as the minority and yes we have had to endure a lot of awful things by our own Guineans of different ethnicities but in order to change that we must not critique or differentiate ourselves from the other people of guinea because we are all one and we just want peace in our home  (Mar 18, 2013 | post #15)

Remembering Ahmed Sekou Toure of Guinea

Learn about your history before you utter such harsh words about the rulers of our beloved country...yes this leader made a lot of mistakes but then who are we to judge him when god is there he who sees and knows everything...research upon your history and you will come to find that this man despite all the brutal things that occurred during his presidency regardless of the reasoning behind his actions...if he had the proper tools and the right people by his side this man had some great ideas...but he made mistakes lets move past critiquing him and calling him names and start working on ways to better guinea for our people...calling him names on this network isn't going to undo what has been done but it can be changed....  (Mar 18, 2013 | post #27)

Guinea riots spread outside capital, election talks splutter

People need to understand that wether manika or fulani we are all from guinea at the end of it all we all called that place home, we all want to return there one day and we want to be free and secure. We have to forget about the different languages we speak, the different skin colors we are because at the end if the day we are all one. Guinea doesn't need it's own people fighting each other because of the animosity we might feel towards each other, we have to over come that and unite to make lives better for the little girls and the little boys that see a better tomorrow, the ones that have faith that one day their home will be better and united. Lets forget about politics, the color of our skin and he different languages we speak, let's think about what our forth parents fought for, lets think about how backwards we are compare to other African countries, lets think of ways to make our home better, lets find ways to use our resources to make amends meet. We are great people from a great land a great country. We must learn to embrace who we are. Wether a manika, fulani , sousou, etc as humans we are all humans we all feel we all hurt we all breath and eat. Take this for instance a mother who is giving birth will feel that pain of child birth in guinea and everywhere else in the world, not because they are fulani or manika or sousou because they are human. Guinea has all the potential in the world to be great, we must stop the violence, we have to stop killing each other, we have to stoping the animosity, we have to stop trying to make each other fail and help each other be great, so that we can all be great. Remember no matter what and how far we go in life we are all Guineans and will remain that way until...  (Mar 9, 2013 | post #11)