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Mar 13, 2007

Kadafi Kanati Profile

Q & A with Kadafi Kanati


Ra'Saan Kadafi Kanati




Whereva I'm at at the time

Local Favorites:

Library,the hole in the wall,any project hallway

I Belong To:

My NativeAmerican Father and My African American Mother and my Sons

When I'm Not on Topix:

I'm at work,With my kids or shootin'dice or reading

Read My Forum Posts Because:

I always tell the truth,..even when I lie.

I'm Listening To:

Read This Book:

The Bible

Favorite Things:

My kids, Music,reading & my family

On My Mind:

Raising my kids right,My life direction and where you go when you die

Blog / Website / Homepage:

I Believe In:

God, The second coming of Christ,Saying and standing up for what I believe,turning the other cheek and slapping you with the other hand.