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Oct 10, 2012

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Can your town compete? What makes competitive cities

Singapore is currently the most competitive city in the world, beating out New York and London, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit, which focuses on global research. However, says the EIU, by 2025, New York City will be No. 1. In order for a city to be globally competitive, it must have a large and growing economy, a good legal system, an inviting and productive culture, good infrastructure and it must have good policy on things that determine long-term stability and success, like the environment. The EIU's latest report attempts to identify those cities that, as of 2012, best embody each of those characteristics, and based on projections, where they will at the quarter-century mark. Based on the EIU's report, "HotSpots 2025: Benchmarking the Future Competitiveness of Cities," these are the most competitive cities of the future. Eight of the 10 most competitive cities in 2012 are expected to remain in the top 10 through 2025, with Chicago and Stockholm joining the list in 2025 and Zurich and Frankfurt dropping off the list. "These are cities that, in effect, had a big head start," Leo Abruzzese, global forecasting director with the EIU, said. He pointed to the fact that many of these cities have spent decades, even centuries, building robust infrastructure and have become, in essence, financial capitals of the world. However, there was much greater change among cities outside of the top 10. Much of the competitiveness growth in the next 13 years is expected to take place in Asian cities, such as Doha, Qatar; Incheon, South Korea; and Mumbai, India. Meanwhile, cities such as Madrid and Rome are expected to fall significantly from 2012 to 2025, mostly due to a weakened European economy, according to Abruzzese. The cities that top this list, not surprising, are among the wealthiest. "Usually, the cities that come near the top tend to be fairly advanced economies, so they tend to be economically strong," Abruzzese said. Five of the top 10 most competitive cities in both 2012 and 2025 are in the top 10 for gross domestic product. Source http://www.usatoda 2013/06/30/most-co mpetitive-cities-f uture/2455975/ Read more: http://www.slidesh /bp-holdings-madri d-economy-news-upd ate-20518040 http://online.wsj. com/community/grou ps/bp-holdings-bar celona-1717/topics /global-bp-holding s  (Jul 2, 2013 | post #1)

bp holdings press releases and news articles

Something else to watch out for...  (Dec 5, 2012 | post #2)

bp holdings press releases and news articles

Upplever den "ultimata utflykt" /posts/upplever-de n-ultimata-utflykt -bp-holdings-press -releases-and-news -articles BP Holdings press releases and news articles De tre, Guy Driori, 29, Ed Kay, 27, och Simonas Stilius, 20, tillbringade sex veckor med BP uppströms lag i Mexikanska golfen och Trinidad & Tobago som deras pris för att vinna tävlingen 2012 Ultimate studieresa. Deras plan för en kol-neutrala raffinaderiet vann första pris i en stark fältet universitetsbasera d aktörer. Deras praktik började med ett flyg till Houston och offshore säkerhetsutbildnin g före offshore laget vid Na Kika plattformen. Deras uppdrag var att komma med alternative [...] Continue Reading at: sectiongenericarti 9044922&conten tId=7077689 bp holdings press releases and news articles  (Dec 5, 2012 | post #1)

BP Holdings donerer $ 800 000-Openfaves, bp holdings madr...

this is the nice article with good concept to discuss.  (Nov 23, 2012 | post #2)

Tips to Avoid Online Auction Scams, bp holdings

Read the Policies Finally, make sure that you understand the sellers policies. Reputable sellers must include a return policy per eBay guidelines. The more honest sellers will clearly post it, and make sure that the buyer knows it will be honored. Also, make sure that you check the shipping and handling policies as well. Reputable sellers charge fair shipping and handling prices, where scams sometimes post very high “handling” charges for small items. Make sure the shipping and handling makes sense. Read items Description thoroughly Read each and every word on the item, does that look fake? Does the description look genuine. Does the picture of the item look real to you? If possible go to the manufacturer page and try to find out if there’s any difference between auction sellers description vs. manufacturer’s description. Any mismatch can raise a red flag! At the end, always remember the thumb rule, if it seems too good to be true it definitely is. Wikipedia has a great resource on internet fraud, reading which I really feel that today’s scammers are brainy people, if you neglect a little bit, you’ll be scammed. You can get enough information about avoiding scam on government website. Readers, did you ever face a fraud or a scam? Want to share your experience? Other Related Articles You Might Be Interested In: How to Avoid Online Dating Scams • 15 Ways you Can be Scammed via Craigslist • FAFSA Scam And How To Be Prepared • 10 Tips to Avoid Internet Fraud and Scams bp holdings  (Nov 9, 2012 | post #2)

BP considers selling its stake in TNK-BP—Quora, bp holdin...

you are right in what you have said. i was only thinking this the other day but i think i will now dig a little deeper.  (Nov 9, 2012 | post #2)

BP considers selling its stake in TNK-BP—Quora, bp holdin...

ok, that was an interesting read. keep the comments coming guys.  (Nov 9, 2012 | post #2)

BP considers selling its stake in TNK-BP—Quora, bp holdin...

http://www.quora.c om/Tommy-Hudson/Bp -Holdings MOSCOW – British oil giant BP said Friday it is considering selling its 50 percent stake in its Russian joint venture TNK-BP, in a deal that could fetch at least $15 billion. TNK-BP, Russia's third-largest oil producer, is a joint venture between BP and AAR, a consortium of Russian billionaire shareholders. The company has been mired in a corporate dispute after AAR blocked BP's deal with another Russian oil company, Rosneft. BP said in a statement Friday that it has received "unsolicited indications of interest" for its share in TNK-BP and is looking to pursue a potential sale which is "consistent with BP's commitment to maximizing shareholder value." TNK-BP represents 27 of BP's reserves and 29 percent of its production, according to the British company's latest annual report. BP's spokesman in Russia, Vladimir Buyanov, told The Associated Press that the information about the potential buyer is confidential. He declined to specify whether the offer might have come from the Russian shareholders. Buyanov said the shareholders' agreement between BP and AAR requires both parties to notify the other of offers to acquire their holdings. BP's 50 percent stake in the Russian oil producer could fetch more than $15 billion as TNK-BP's market capitalization, based on its share prices at the Russian MICEX stock exchange, hovered around $31.5 billion Friday afternoon. But in Moscow TNK-BP's shares at the MICEX slumped by 6 percent in afternoon trading. BP, however, stressed that "there can be no guarantee that any transaction will take place." BP's announcement was welcomed by investors in London, who bid up the shares in the company by 1.57 percent to 401.1 pence in morning trading. AAR has previously indicated that it could be interested in raising its stake in TNK-BP. AAR's spokesman in Moscow declined to comment any aspect of BP's announcement. TNK-BP's CEO Mikhail Fridman, one of the members of AAR, unexpectedly stepped down on Monday. In an interview with the Russian daily Kommersant he cited tensions between the shareholders as a reason for his departure and said the parity ownership of TNK-BP no longer works. Fridman said in the interview that AAR could be interested in increasing its stake, but it would also consider selling some of its stake in exchange for BP shares. Although one of Russia's most lucrative oil assets, TNK-BP has been mired in boardroom disputes for most of its nine-year history.. At the height of the previous shareholder conflict in 2008, TNK-BP's CEO Robert Dudley left Russia complaining of what he described as a campaign of "harassment. " Fridman's appointment as interim CEO in 2009 and a new shareholder agreement helped reconcile the two rival groups of shareholders. But tensions resurfaced last year when AAR blocked a potentially huge agreement between BP and Russian state-owned oil company Rosneft. TNK-BP's Russian shareholders claimed that such a deal should be pursued through the joint venture. Jonathan Jackson, head of equities at London-based Killik & Co., said it was difficult to put a price on BP's stake. "At the time of the Rosneft/Arctic deal, BP is believed to have made a cash and joint offer (with Rosneft) of $27 billion for its 50 percent stake. However, AAR appears to have demanded $35 billion, and also asked for a 10 percent stake in BP and Rosneft, as well as cash," he said. "As for potential buyers, clearly Rosneft stands out, although Gazprom, Russia's largest gas producer, may also have an interest." Rosneft's chairman, and Russia's former deputy prime minister, Igor Sechin said on Friday that the state-owned company hasn't considered this investment. "We have never thought about it," he said in comments carried by Russian news agencies on the sidelines of a summit in Berlin. The venture has provided lofty dividends for both parties. Related Video: http://www.slidese n/bp-considers-sel ling-its-stake-in- tnk-bp  (Oct 10, 2012 | post #1)