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Dec 8, 2007

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WLTX Columbia

Mother Leaves 8 children in Filth So She Can Get Married

As we all know, just because someone can have children doesn't mean they are parent material. I can't help but to wonder in these kind of cases; have there been any reports to the social services in the past? If so, what was done? The crisis of abused and neglected children needs to become a priority, I haven't heard any of our canidates for president address this matter, which does need to be addressed. I have heard about the education issue, which is great, but how about the education these youths receive at home. These kids don't even know their birthdates and are learning to steal to survive, which becomes a way of life into adulthood. Then they are expected to be functional adults, yea. Bless the foster parents, these children may have hope after all, for people to step in who cares and help get these and other kids headed in a positive direction. I do not believe, it is always in the best interest of the children to keep placing them back with the parents when the parents refuse to be parents for whatever reasons. These children are blessed to be taken from such an enviroment.  (Feb 1, 2008 | post #84)

WLTX Columbia

Man Throws Baby Off Overpass Onto Freeway

To even think about what the thoughts were of the poor child before he died is horrific. Along with the children who are being and has been abused, living a life of fear and some end up dead. Many of the mentally unstable people are also parents and the children suffer on a daily basis. Hiding in the shadows, forgotten by the world. Out of sight out of mind, turnt heads, meaning not seeing so therefore it isn't happening, wrong. It seems everything else is a priority, God bless the day, protecting children will be. Who is their voice?  (Jan 20, 2008 | post #39)

WLTX Columbia

SLED Agent Charged with Criminal Sexual Conduct

Thank you  (Dec 12, 2007 | post #3)


please read!!!!

Chickypoo, Abortion is not murder is your perceived truth. To dress a baby as a Christmas tree would represent life. Do you know what Christmas represents? WWJD? And yes there are women who are haunted by their decision to abored a baby, and they have to live with what they have done. You appear to represent life, yet you try to justify death. Enough said.  (Dec 11, 2007 | post #24)

WLTX Columbia

Deputies: Man Sexually Assuated 7-Year-Old Girl

I have a question. If all these offenders are doing so much prison time, then why do they live next door, so to speak? They are somebody's neighbor and unfortunantly there are many in Lexington Co. alone.  (Dec 11, 2007 | post #25)

WLTX Columbia

Wife of Police Officer Put Pot in Food to Get Him Fired

Man, woman, does it matter? I cannot decide for the man and I am not one to say "if I were you", but I would most likely live the rest of my life without the spouse. What the wife did is abusive. To cause all the mental anquish, public humility only proves she'll go through great lengths to have her way. A bit controlling, whether spoken aloud or in thought her actions were trying to eliminate his choice and bring him down. He is an individual with a mind to make his own decisions. Anthony I hope you get your job back, I know you are going through alot of unnecessary drama. For the abuse EJF mentioned is classic, however the forms of abuse mentioned goes both ways.  (Dec 9, 2007 | post #78)


please read!!!!

Dear Chickypoo, the picture you have displayed contradicts your hateful statement, maybe you need to change it to an aborted fetus and reveal the real you. Personally I beleive in God and according to the ten commandments it isn't peoples right to murder. My statements are true, it is being self centered, when a woman does that, it's all about her, bottom line. People can dance around the truth with excuses to justify murder and that is all it is, excuses.  (Dec 9, 2007 | post #21)

WLTX Columbia

Deputies: Man Assaulted 5-year-old, Showed Her Pornography

I beleive the point EJF MEMBER is trying to make is, appearances are deceitful. When something appears one way, people are led to beleive an illusion; so nothing is questioned. " The wolf in sheeps clothing".  (Dec 9, 2007 | post #99)

WLTX Columbia

USC's Jordin Lindsey Recovering From Stabbing

I hope he has a speedy recovery, it is sad that some people in this world resolve issues with violence.  (Dec 8, 2007 | post #2)

WLTX Columbia

Deputies: Man Assaulted 5-year-old, Showed Her Pornography

Enough of the arguing already, at least everyone can agree there sick people in this world. Just as an observer, one would get more punishment for throwing a wrapper out of a car window than the slap on the rist for abusing a child. So to the abuser, it is a small price to pay for their sick entertainment. It is time to make children a priority and let them play while the abusers really pay. Abuse of any kind is totally unexceptable, all forms are devastating to a child.  (Dec 8, 2007 | post #76)


please read!!!!

At least give the child up for adoption, oh that's right these women are worried about their bodies, how self-centered. There is birth control besides killing a child, like preventing pregnancy to begin with. Harm another for self gratification, what a shame. So, it is obvious that I am for life.  (Dec 8, 2007 | post #18)

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