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Dec 6, 2010

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Katy, TX

David Mark Temple seeks appeal of murder conviction

To Marge01: We felt like we read the book very throughly. We didn't just read the book-we looked for court documents, records, testimonies, etc. before we even decided if we thought Mr. Temple was guilty. I wish you would point it out where Mr. Temple didn't want a baby girl--maybe we overlooked something but we didn't see that at all. It seems like him and his entire family were hapy to get a girl in their family. Also, even though he abused his girlfriends that kind of behavior seemed to be when he was very young and he had moved past that. He DIDN'T hold a shotgun to Darren's head--Darren stated that in his court testimony and the Judge ruled it admissible so he obviously believed him.Also, the neighbor boy not only smoked dope he was mad at Belinda and said so on the stand. THAT is a motive. And, he failed at least two polygraph tests regarding her murder--that gives a lot of reason that he is guilty of something. He most definitely had the kind of shotgun shells that were used--they didn't have blood or glass in the gun but it's the same thing. And, he had a violent temper-he even knocked down the Temple's Christmas decorations. THAT shows a lot of anger. Any one that is high on pot is capable of anything since their mind is in an altered state and that is also a crime-here in Kentucky and Indiana we prosecute people like that. It seems this neighbor boy kept jumping through the cracks. The cops tried time and time again to put a gun in David Temple's hand and they could never even prove he owned this kind of gun at all. IF he had owned one, they would have produced some evidence of it other than witnesses who were called by the prosecution and some who didn't even want to testify. Also, why would the prosecutor grant the neighbor boy immunity from drug charges when the question here is a Murder charge not a drug charge? She needed to clear this teen punk so he wouldn't be investigated further and be charged in this murder.And, also he had moved out of Texas to another state, so she apparently wanted him bad to have to grant immunity. Not one person in our book club liked David Temple, but no one would have found him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. As for speed-reading as you put it, we never do that. We look for a lot more evidence than is in a book-anyone can write a book and put what they want to in it. Books are written so ppl will buy them and they generally always go against the person convicted/or suspected in a case. Maybe you need to stop reading and taking books so seriously and dig a little deeper in the facts/court records.  (Dec 28, 2010 | post #34)

New Albany, IN

Justice For David Camm

If you don't believe what these supporters have stated as facts, then you believe the prosecution theories (which are many and false at that). There isn't anything on this column by the supporters that they can't prove as facts. These "supporters " as you are calling us are people who have attended the trial, study law or Criminal Justice, follow the case and read the court transcripts and know what they are talking about. Anybody can pick up a paper and read a quote. It takes someone with intelligence to research this case and present the facts of the case-not things we want to hear. You did prove your point when you took pen to paper and made that stupid accustion though. I agree with Free David Camm-start your own ridiculous column and quit hijacking this one. If you haven't noticed by now, you aren't real popular on the "JUSTICE FOR DAVID CAMM" Topix-you need to dig a little deeper than what you hear on the news or read in the paper. When I read the paper, I read the World News and things of importance-not some silly quote that is most likely found in the comics and horoscope section.  (Dec 27, 2010 | post #1772)

New Albany, IN

Justice For David Camm

While we may not totally agree on the Camm case, I feel for you on the Shanda Sharer case. I know that David Camm was an officer called to that scene, and it upset him a lot. I don't want to hijack this Topix column, but how are Shanda' Sharer's parents doing and is there a website for her? That is the saddest case-I can't believe some of those girls have gotten out..ugh!!!:(  (Dec 22, 2010 | post #1756)

Scott Peterson Trial

David Temple 48 Hours Mystery

Good comment, Matt. I don't think ppl need to be so judgmental either. Matthew 7:1 says it all-we aren't supposed to judge. I don't think David Temple is guilty either-not based on the evidence I have read. It is so sad some ppl get on these forums just to "vent".  (Dec 22, 2010 | post #11)