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Aug 8, 2011

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PM Clinic in Raleigh, NC Area?

can you help me. i need to find a good doctor in raleigh. i have been being teated for 4 years with oxy and it has worked great. ive had my life back. my doc threw and a urine test on me and i tested positive for thc. i never smoke. i begged him to let me retake. he said no. now ive got to find a new doc. with this in my record im screwed. i will be in a mess. dont know wether to tell this right off the bat to a new doc (if not he might find out an think im lying). and if i tell him hell probably think im and addict and low-life. i have to have my medicine to be productive. i really am open to any advice. can you tell me how i could get a good doc. i had pain so bad before that i wanted to die. i dont know what to do. i was a model patient for 4 years. ne3ver one tiome early, never got meds anywhere else, and he wouldnt even talk to me about it.  (Aug 8, 2011 | post #14)