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Sep 9, 2012

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Tattoo artist with hand eczema! What do I do??? :'(

Hi, Yes, that sounds like a typical eczema nightmare. I would suggest that the eczema is being caused by the skin becoming over-heated clammy and sweaty. There is also a chance you are allergic to the lining of the gloves - this could be the material or sometimes they put a type of powder into these types of gloves. I know, I used them before at university and they caused havoc with my skin. Did you ever have eczema before you started tattooing? I'm trying to decide if it is atopic (which is more down to allergies) or contact eczema. I would recommend trying out a different type of glove that has been dermatologically tested and contains no known allergens (check at the chemist/pharmacist ). Also go for a bigger size (obviously so you still have dexterity) but just a little bigger to reduce sweating. Hope that helps. I have more eczema tips at my website www.eczemapreventi Check it out for more eczema preventing measures.  (Sep 25, 2012 | post #8)