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Jul 15, 2008

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WANE Fort Wayne

UPDATE: Man beaten to death and buried

I can't even begin to comprehend what goes though the mind of individuals who think that anything like this is ok, or that they could possibly get away with such an attocity. I know nothing about Mr. Buckner. I do know that he was no deserving of such an end. Unfortunately, this type of occurance seems to be more and more common. If people keep becoming more jaded and immoral, we have nothing to fear from terrorists. We will end up doing there acts for them.  (Sep 15, 2008 | post #61)

WISH-TV 8 Indiana News

Will gas prices hurt Brickyard turnout?

The proof was in the race coverage. The stands were nearly empty in some parts of the track. The commentators didn't even mention the attendance that I can recall.  (Jul 31, 2008 | post #10)

WANE Fort Wayne

212 cats found in condemned home

She is in charge of the Fort Wayne animal shelter. Can't believe people from all over read about this.  (Jul 30, 2008 | post #22)

WANE Fort Wayne

212 cats found in condemned home

As I recall, there use to be, maybe still is, a FWPD car parked near that address. May be the woman was a neighbor even. May even be that house, not sure. Hmmmmmmmmmmm  (Jul 30, 2008 | post #15)

WANE Fort Wayne

212 cats found in condemned home

Wrong mammal was euthenized. No, but seriously, how far gone does a person have to be before the neighbors are aware of this sort of thing. Didn't they notice 2 minors living alone in the home? Not only are people getting stranger, but social-community sensibilities are messed up as well. Also, with that many lines descended from 3 cats, there had to many some mentally unstable cats in there from inbreeding. Probably the one that got away was one of them. And finally, Jeffword is right, the police were negligent letting the woman keep any cats at all.  (Jul 30, 2008 | post #9)

WANE Fort Wayne

Pitcher charged after minor league brawl in Ohio

There was a poll on the news website whether or not you agree that the pitcher should be charged with feloniuos assault. DUH! He meant to hurt somebody, even though it wasn't his intended target that was injured. When are peolple going to get a grip. It was during a(insert expletive here)GAME. You know, a place where ppl are suppose to have FUN? It would be wise to suspend him from play until he undergoes anger management (which I believe is really not going to help him anyhow).  (Jul 25, 2008 | post #2)

WISH-TV 8 Indiana News

Will gas prices hurt Brickyard turnout?

It's my income level that keeps me from going. Since housing has plummeted, my job isn't what it use to be, so I go nowhere, despite the cost of gas. I won't even make it to qualifying, which is far cheaper. I also agree with Steve, that Toyota will be a huge deterent for die hard fans.  (Jul 25, 2008 | post #4)

WANE Fort Wayne

Family of man killed by police allege misconduct

Ok, since he had a known history of mental illness... He had a known drug history... Why wasn't the family concerned enough before the incident to A) stop him, help him B) make sure he had no firearms or any other weapon available to him? The police aren't trigger happy. They are trained to protect ALL, even the unstable. Would you want to go home from work, glad that you were able to make it home alive, like they do? Let alone have someone's death on your conscience. Those officers didn't relish the thought of taking his life. I'm sure they would have rather been somewhere else.  (Jul 15, 2008 | post #27)

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