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Jan 21, 2013

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2013 elections . There will be a debate of candidates for...

This March 19, Port Chester residents will elect new leadership of the BOA. Mayors and members of Boad of Trustees shall be elected that day. It would be very important for residents to vote for the best proposal that day. Therefore, we need to be informed about what their work plans and vision for the Village of Port Chester. In this regard, it is important that community organizations” Port Chester organize a debate between candidates for mayor for the Villa. This debate can be divided into two themes: 1-Security Issues in Port Chester. 2-economic development in Port Chester. Every choice is crucial to improve the town, but we must be informed and to evaluate the best option for the town. Hopefully the same candidates to agree to organize a debate and do the questions about his candidacy. sincerely Juan Allase  (Feb 2, 2013 | post #1)

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