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Oct 18, 2012

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President Obama and Mitt Romney debate in Boca Raton, Fla...

During the debate Romney looked lost. He was "out classed" as they say in boxing. Appears to me Obama is clear, grounded in principles, and very intelligent. Just ask Romney. My vote is for Obama. And then get rid of the Republicans in Congress who have wasted 4 years fighting against progress in order to win the next Presidential election. Unreal. Amazing anything gets accomplished with our goverment. The wasted time and money. Unreal. And the media manipulation is a whole other story. Wow. Money rules!  (Oct 22, 2012 | post #1)

Caruthersville, MO

Obama Clear winner of 2nd Presidential Debate!!!

Amen  (Oct 19, 2012 | post #22)

Byron Center, MI

Who do you support for Governor in Michigan in 2010?

Wow. Talk about denial. Bush had 8 years. Ran the country like he was King. Manipulated people with lies. His administration destroyed the lives of those who tried to expose him. Go back and listen to his speech dated September 24, 2008. Yeah, I blame Bush. Imagine that.  (Oct 19, 2012 | post #13990)

Byron Center, MI

Question of the day: Was gas more expensive under Preside...

President BushÂ’s Speech to the Nation on the Economic Crisis I guess nobody remembers the following. WOW. Published: September 24, 2008 Following is a transcript of President Bush's address to the nation Wednesday evening, as recorded by by CQ Transcriptions: Related President Issues Warning to Americans (September 25, 2008) Good evening. This is an extraordinary period for America's economy. Over the past few weeks, many Americans have felt anxiety about their finances and their future. I understand their worry and their frustration. We've seen triple-digit swings in the stock market. Major financial institutions have teetered on the edge of collapse, and some have failed. As uncertainty has grown, many banks have restricted lending, credit markets have frozen, and families and businesses have found it harder to borrow money. We're in the midst of a serious financial crisis, and the federal government is responding with decisive action. We boosted confidence in money market mutual funds and acted to prevent major investors from intentionally driving down stocks for their own personal gain. Most importantly, my administration is working with Congress to address the root cause behind much of the instability in our markets. Financial assets related to home mortgages have lost value during the house decline, and the banks holding these assets have restricted credit. As a result, our entire economy is in danger. So I propose that the federal government reduce the risk posed by these troubled assets and supply urgently needed money so banks and other financial institutions can avoid collapse and resume lending. This rescue effort is not aimed at preserving any individual company or industry. It is aimed at preserving America's overall economy. It will help American consumers and businesses get credit to meet their daily needs and create jobs. And it will help send a signal to markets around the world that America's financial system is back on track. I know many Americans have questions tonight: How did we reach this point in our economy? How will the solution I propose work? And what does this mean for your financial future? These are good questions, and they deserve clear answers. First, how did our economy reach this point? Well, most economists agree that the problems we're witnessing today developed over a long period of time. For more than a decade, a massive amount of money flowed into the United States from investors abroad because our country is an attractive and secure place to do business. This large influx of money to U.S. banks and financial institutions, along with low interest rates, made it easier for Americans to get credit. These developments allowed more families to borrow money for cars, and homes, and college tuition, some for the first time. They allowed more entrepreneurs to get loans to start new businesses and create jobs. Unfortunately, there were also some serious negative consequences, particularly in the housing market. Easy credit, combined with the faulty assumption that home values would continue to rise, led to excesses and bad decisions. Many mortgage lenders approved loans for borrowers without carefully examining their ability to pay.....  (Oct 19, 2012 | post #7)

Somerset, KY

boy scouts popcorn sales

I think I have a better fundraiser product that would solve most of the complaints that I have read. Except for knowitall9 who I hear loud and clear. And agree with. But that won't change. But I think at least my idea will let the Boy Scouts sell something unique, first of its kind, and something people will want. And at a price that is less than a variation that has recently appeared nationally in most stores. I am the inventor and manufacturer. I can not say my idea here because I don't want it stolen. You would not believe the battle against bigger companies from stealing a good product once it becomes successful. I am looking for feedback and discussion from anyone who has experience with the Boy Scouts. I have many ideas about a partnership with the Boy Scouts I'd like to discuss. Reach me a [email protected] discussion. JT  (Oct 18, 2012 | post #56)