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Sep 1, 2012

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Hendersonville, TN

Weight loss and education

I am working on building a group of people that would like to meet regularly and help with weightloss- I recently started in a GYM and to be honest feel ALL out of sorts- NOW I CAN KEEP UP but feel I look crazy and EVERYONE can see me with the mirrors! I have lost 80 pounds in a year by taking a supplement called ACE and LOVE this product and take a few more to build my immune system and LOVE those too! Thankfully I have not had the CONSTANT sinus infection during this fall season. I have spent alot of time on the internet learning different things about calorie intake and weight loss and gaining and WOULD LOVE to have some kind of a support group in our local area not to work out- but HEY if I can find some one going to the same gym that would be amazing!  (Nov 5, 2012 | post #1)

Evansville, IN

ACE= Appetite Control and Energy

I want to first say- that ACE is helpful- but on top of that- you need to know that the COMPANY has a TRAINER for all associates and offers us weekly training sessions and offeres us WORK OUT SESSIONS and teachings to help us- our other products with SABA are nothing but all natural as well- Taking things to boost your immune system and to help you really just google stuff and look it up. The things you are referring to are actually all natural- look them up where they come from... You will be surprised. The company actually ENCOURAGES YOU to take ACE and work out and drink water and change your life style- ACE helps those of us that are too hard on ourselves to stop with over eating to help you control cravings and to go forward with learning more and more about living a healthier lifestyle. The Associates are there to help along the way--LOVE THE THREAD LISA!  (Nov 5, 2012 | post #21)

Vanleer, TN

ace diet pills..

Wow That is funny! I am in Hendersonville you can email me- [email protected] and if you ahve not tried it already I will meet up with you. I recently just found these forums...  (Nov 5, 2012 | post #377)

Paducah, KY

Side effects to A.C.E. diet pills???

Ok I am going to say- ACE is a product I sell- HOWEVER weightloss is all in the numbers--- Use a calorie counter and up your intake of ounces of water a day- Phentermine and ACE are made to help you to STAY IN YOUR CALORIE range and give you the energy to exercise. And Walking is great= AGREE not every one can walk- I know a few--- but there are other things you can do- there are ways to exercise- ( I googled a bunch when I sprained my ankle) and really they can work and not alot on your feet all the time. I hope this helps!  (Nov 5, 2012 | post #585)

Paducah, KY

Side effects to A.C.E. diet pills???

I personally sell ACE and you have to realize for me it has truly changed my life- not the money part so much but I have been one of the people that have lost 80 pounds. I also have been one of the people that NORMALLY get sick very often and taking other products I truly love I have not been as sick- If you do not want to buy it-its ok, if you don't want to sell it, its ok but honestly I did my research MYSELF before I bought it because I was afraid of these things- and the thing I found out is that these things CAN promote weight loss an if you combine them together you may see improved weightloss-- STEP AWAY FROM ACE FOR A MINUTE___ Go look up some of the ingredients some say if paired with this may increase weightloss- and I beleive they do. THe FDA has tested this product- they have not APPROVED it because it has everything labled correctly and has found to have nothing in it more that what it says. *NOT ALL people are the same some of us have other reasons and WAYS to do things. And because of that we build friendships and not just sell- we encourage others- depending who the sales person is will depend on how you are treated- isnt that how it always is? Some peoples bodies are different some people lose faster some slower- ACE is not a MIRACLE pill-but has allowed my husband and I to lose 80 pounds each we still don't eat that healthy and we still don't work out so It has to be the ACE that is doing it. THis is my personal opinion... no bashing please- and I feel that rather than blasting one person or a product that you really research it/or that person. its not about blasting your sales- its about helping others sharing some like some don't some buy some don't--if they do not get back to me themselves- I DON'T bother them unless they are signed up for my news letter once a month.  (Nov 5, 2012 | post #584)


ADHD and Depression Treatments: Three Different Approaches

I am curious are there any specialist on here?or just Articles and such??? some of the stuff in this main article are many things I am hearing in the communities I am in... I have a daughter with ADHD and possible other things BUT at the same time she is currently on one of the addictive medications listed. I wanted to switch her to something more homeopathic due to the nature of it all HOWEVER she is doing ok in school finally and is starting to finally make friends with her thoughts being more in order... I am just kind of at a loss- I could add the natrual products to her medications... but then fear shemay become zombie like again as she did when the medicaiton was too strong for her... advice? tips? I am looking at this product- www.sparks.sababui but it says it will relax her I can get you more information on it if some one would PLEASE help me figure out how would be the best way to try something without upsetting where she is currently at? I can get you ingredients and all of that stuff if you are a specialist?  (Oct 17, 2012 | post #8)