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Mar 6, 2013

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Hi there! My name is Jessica Pollendine, I am an undergraduate student studying Sociology and Anthropology with Gender Studies at the University of Hull in the UK. I am currently conducting a survey for my undergraduate dissertation and I would be grateful if you could please take part in my survey at the following address: https://www.esurve 8a11 The survey can be completed by female-identified women and trans-women, regardless of their sexuality as long as they are in a relationship with another woman or trans-woman and are over 18 years of age. My research aims to look at gender performance in contemporary female-only relationships and comes in the form of a completely anonymous, non-invasive questionnaire. The respondents may leave the survey at any time and can be reassured of their total anonymity or other concerns by contacting me at jpdissertation@hot Thank you! J.Pollendine  (Mar 6, 2013 | post #1)