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Nov 13, 2011

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Hayward, CA

Abuse at Teen Challenge INTL Bonifay FL for any question God Bless  (Nov 13, 2011 | post #18)

Hayward, CA

Abuse at Teen Challenge INTL Bonifay FL

is complete LUDACRIS! Dave Rutledge is a great man for what he's doing there.I went there at the age of 15 from 04 to 05. when I gat there I saw the 5 am wake up, the DI's (Drill Instructor)orderin g you to get your bed made right, the early morning excrise, and the in depth Christian Bible studies. I relized that I was not getting what I wanted any more, and I knew I couldent do this program by myself.... Thats where God comes in, I gave everything to him and I thrived in there! I went on missin trips to Guatemala, I learned discipline, but more importantly I forge a close relationship with Christ that will last forever!I was there for the complete program 15 months and dident witness any abuse or sexual behavior, (unless you call not getting excatly what you want abuse then sure they do). I WOULDENT TRADE MY EXPIRENCE THERE FOR THE WORLD!! Did you ever think "mary" that your son might lie or say anything too get out of a place that doesent let him do and have whatever he wants?? I dont see how it could happen anyway your never alone and theres ALWAYS a DI around even while we slept. Not once did I fill "Not Safe" there. I know one thing satan doesent want to see that place thrive maybe thats why these lies are being said. God be with All of You! any question email me at  (Nov 13, 2011 | post #17)