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May 4, 2008

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"Quarter to 12" A near Death Experience by Joseph Kellner

"Quarter to 12" A near Death Experience by Joseph Kellner who went to heaven and hell with the Virgin Mary! Please help spread this story to your friends and family. Thank You so much! .com/watch?v=gKngS pcRXrE  (Nov 28, 2013 | post #1)

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Quarter To 12 - A Near Death Experience [Kindle Edition]

Publication Date: September 24, 2013 "Quarter to 12" The story is about a NDE (Near Death Experience) Joseph Kellner had in 2011. He takes you through his experience with illustrations from his journey through heaven and hell with the Virgin Mary. And how this life changing experience has effected him and changed his outlook on life and people. com/Quarter-To-12- Death-Experience-e book/dp/B00FF4SIK0  (Nov 28, 2013 | post #1)

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Its Not The Employee, Its The Owners - In My Profession

Shine the shoe's, I used to hear this every morning in boot camp. And how it is true, Press the shirt, Crease the pants. Pay your rent on time, clean your station. Can you take the trash out? It get a little old after awhile when you subscribe to a professional attitude and the owner of the salon can't even clean up after themselves. Especiall when you pay rent for a chair, or maybe 2, or even a room. And they call themselves the owner, may I qoute "Thats my name on the front door, so YOU are a ambassador of this salon. Whether You rent or are a employee. In my salon does that mean I can come in drunk, offer drugs to the employees, clean it from time to time. Not show up for my appointments? So strange the lack of quality salon owners in the ORLANDO area. And the client will say " What happened to johnny, He was here for only 6-7 months. Of course the salon owner or manager will say "He or She did'nt work out" ,just to keep the financial oppurtunity coming into the salon. I once worked at a salon and the owner did'nt even show up for there appointments, And would come into the salon drunk off there butts while You had clients. "Hey Joe want some weed", and ask you for a cigarette wrapper to place it in. Not caring to know if I had a customer in the chair or not. I lost a customer that day and she lost a renter also, I rented a room from her for 320.00 weekly, and for the 9 months I was there I only worked with her for 2 weeks. My wife and I had to clean the salon the first month or so when I started. And we would get deliverys for towels, which I paid for in my rent. And when the delivery guy would bring them She did'nt leave any checks for them. Much less even contact me to take care of the transaction for her. I would not pay for the towels from my expenses especially when I already had paid for them. I bought my own. She was a heavy drinker and would drink your wine or beer for your customers, and replace it and drink it again, leave unclean wine glass's out, especially when they were yours. After awhile I left my beverages in my locker and she would go in the locker and take it out to drink it. I bought a lock. No toilet paper, floors are dirty, sinks are broke, no lighting, no paper towels. And I am a ambassador of the salon. I am a ambassador of my own business. She would'nt take care of the salons cleaning, or trash, She would use your space when you were not there and leave it a mess. I found that out with a camera I had on my retail shelf. After awhile I pretty much noticed she had no respect for anyone but herself. But when you are a alcoholic you don't even have respect for yourself. I talked to her several times and she would deny all the incidents. My sink was leaking for over 5 months and every day I would have to put towels on the floor to stop the flooding. Or when the fire department came to the salon and she was not up to code. Or deliverys came to the shop and she never left a check or told you the situation and the individuals involved had no idea what is going on. SHE WAS TO BUSY. SHE WOULD SAY. Or how about all the trash in the trash cans, when she filled them and would leave them to you to take out. Beer bottles, and Vodka bottles stink after awhile. I thought the owner was a role model. I guess the navy was wrong, and all of the masters who taught me in my apprenticeships. I guess I wasted my time. Because it seems if you don't play the game you are the outsider. Excuse me. I am wrong I should come to work drunk, offer weed to my stylists, drink in front of my customers. I WOULD BE ACCEPTED IN MY SALON. But what would my clients think? How would I pay my bills? Would I still have a large following and still make a living during this recession? But after awhile it gets old that is why alot of employess, and booth renters leave there salon because of the way it is managed. How often professionals are subdued by the enhanced appearance of a first impression. CEO iflookscouldthrill .com  (Aug 12, 2009 | post #1)

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haircolor in orlando fl 32835 joseph kellner haircolorist...

MAKE UP ADVICE FOR SUMMER! Concealer can be such a great thing, but I agree that sometimes it does just cause a breakout to seem more apparent. I do feel that the most important thing is to treat the breakout properly and to speed up recovery by doing so. We have all been there though, and I know that there are times when you just want to cover them up and let them heal in the meantime. Just when we thought that wasn’t possible, there is a great line of products on the market that is a mineral makeup which is considered a “skin-care makeup”. They are truly wonderful and I feel they are extremely effective. That is why we sell our own brand of mineral makeup called JOTOVI Mineral makeup. I always say that it’s not worth putting something on your skin that doesn’t have beneficial properties to the long-term look and feel of your skin. I offer a mineral makeup that you apply as a foundation and it is packed with the most amazing ingredients, like Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Willow Bark Extract, Chamomile, Calendula, and Seaweeds (Algin, Agar and Carrageenan). These ingredients will help your skin look more youthful, diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles, minimizes pores, even out skin tone and the makeup adheres extremely well, so you don’t know you are wearing foundation. There are 10 tones to choose from, which ensures there is a perfect shade for every skin tone. This is key with foundation, and is where most people go wrong, and it can be a painfully two-toned experience.  (Jun 2, 2009 | post #2)

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haircolor in orlando fl 32835 joseph kellner haircolorist...

We carry a full line of Brocato, TIGI, KMS, Goldwell and MoroccanOil Haircare products for home use. Gift certificates are available. Feel free to email me any of your Haircolor or Hair Styling questions. Appointments can be made either by phone or by email. Please enjoy my website and let me know how you like it! We use Goldwell Haircolor, Scruples Haircolor and Framesi Haircolor for all salon services. Hair coloring is my speciality! Gift Certificates Available - Do you have friends or family in need of a professional Hair Stylist or Colorist? Gift Certificates are available for all my Hair Salon services. Cinderella Hair Extensions Scruples Haircolor Goldwell Haircolor Framesi Haircolor Corrective Color Specialist NanoKeratin Treatments Beauty, Glamour, Fashion Make-Up! Salon Hours  (Jan 16, 2009 | post #1)

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