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Dec 8, 2011

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Colin Firth

With 'A Single Man,' Colin Firth is hot again

Single Man brought out a broader talent that this man already has. Great, very highly appreciated in my opinion. Colin Firth is really awesome and he deserves this award so much.  (Dec 16, 2011 | post #3)

Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi Convention in 2012

I am not even sure why this is still going ahead? You know if/and/when BJM catches on...flames...  (Dec 16, 2011 | post #612)

Colin Firth

Royal family didn't roll out the red carpet for 'The King...

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, though, I thought it was quite hilarious with the stammer, but a serious movie at the same time. I loved how Colin's talent really showed through. I love his acting, especially in this and "A Single Man" "What A Girl Wants" "Love Actually". Though this, really shows his talent. Though, I'm personally a Firth supporter so I'd like whatever he was in. Though I became his fan when he was in What A Girl Wants.  (Dec 16, 2011 | post #77)

Jon Bon Jovi

Middletown home damaged by fire, but Bon Jovi memories, m...

Exactly. I'm just wondering how long she'd cry and plead for some sort of retribution for her home. From a man that really doesn't have an obligation to her. Once she realizes the better. It's really just annoying me.  (Dec 16, 2011 | post #61)

Colin Firth

A most different side of Colin Firth

Colin Firth is my favourite actor. Amazing dude  (Dec 16, 2011 | post #5)

Jon Bon Jovi

Middletown home damaged by fire, but Bon Jovi memories, m...

Actually I've googled this and I will post in a minute. Something I will say first; I am sorry about any fire that has happened to anyone. But I know I would probably save family things. Not a Bon Jovi collection, though if I had time to get them...I would. Not just Bon Jovi. Some how I understand why she would want too, when Jon had brought that stuff to her place. Though, if she is out for something...why hold on to it? If he hasn't done anything now, he's not going too. I am sure he is condolences to her. But that doesn't mean to say he should dish her out whatever I'm presuming she could want. It's like saying to Jon "You're a rockstar, I'm just a small town girl with no money. Can you help me out?" I know she's gone through a lot with a fire...if she's regretting not saving her family stuff, tough luck she went for her memorabilia not her family stuff hence it's not Bon Jovi's fault. Therefore he has no obligation to help her out. I couldn't find the article, but judging by what the summary of it was on the pages I saw. There would have been an assumption that she wanted something? Well I think I've read about this before and I remember something about her saying "I wish Jon would come and help out" I just don't understand why she cannot see the fire is not his responsibility so he doesn't have to come and bail her out of her situation. I'm sorry she's gone through a fire, but stirring attention is just plain rude in public-eye for an appeal for Jon. He's a sensible man, he will do the right thing.  (Dec 8, 2011 | post #59)

Jon Bon Jovi

Middletown home damaged by fire, but Bon Jovi memories, m...

Would someone be able to link me to the story, the link I tried isn't working... Judging though, based on comments. She probably -WANTS- something from Jovi.  (Dec 8, 2011 | post #58)

Jon Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi

He's an amazing man, the things he's done. I've not seen many Rockstars, creating a Soul Kitchen for the community for those who don't have much income and letting them have a three-course meal for just 10 dollars and if you can't pay just volunteer. It's things like that, that make the world a better place and he's doing it! Him and his wife are doing that. Step-by-step. His other charity, "JBJ Soul Foundation" another perfect thing to show that he's not one of those "Wealthy money hungry" people who keep a hold of their money and refuse to help out for those in need. It's one in the million things that I admire of him, he's a true guy, down to earth and does everything to please anyone. Dorothea and his kids, are so lucky to have a person like that in their life and as especially as their Dad and husband - yes, we all know he's not a saint (Nobody is), because you actually have a father who does care about everyone and doesn't just live for fame, and the money. Just remember the good over the bad things of him. And trust me, there's hardly any bad things. He's always giving back, always. Be thankful he's doing something to change the world instead of making it worse. He's changed my life so much, he's pulled me out of a very dark time and if I could thank him, in person. I would. Though words could not describe how thankful I am of his music and his bloody adorable smile! I'm obsessed with his teeth, they're just so amazing. Everything about him is amazing.  (Dec 8, 2011 | post #5)

Jon Bon Jovi

Is Jon Bon Jovi bisexual?

I do very doubt Bon Jovi is bi-sexual. He shows far more affection to girls, if he was bi, I think he would give attention to men when in the pit and such. He's got four kids, there's no way that he would be bi-sexual.  (Dec 8, 2011 | post #63)

Jon Bon Jovi

Katherine Heigl Kisses and Tells

Movie is out in cinemas here (NZ). I wanted to go see it, but I couldn't afford. I heard the song he sings in it, being a hardcore Bon Jovi fan, I wasn't....that thrilled with it. Good talent, I know...the song just sounds cheesy. But he does this hot thing in it :P -Reow- ;)  (Dec 8, 2011 | post #4)

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