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Mar 1, 2013


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Hemet, CA

drugs and pregnant women

First off WHOEVER wrote that garbage about me n my girl celeste is a coward and gossip want to bad mouth us our names ect.without stateing who u anyway i cant even believe im responding to ur post.but its like this ,the biggest mistake u made in ur post was stating any facts,one thing u should know is that even with her past habits the day she found out she was pregnant was the last day she thought about using ever again. bet u wish u could say the same thing huh?but we all know u cant.yeah its been hard for us but we are doing what we can.we got income but just because we dont give u any doesnt mean we aint got none.and i gots to say we welcome all adversaries and obsticals.and its never been done before but if u think u or anyone u know can knock me out n feel up to it feel free to come to our house to attempt.who knows u might succeed.anyhow keep me n my gils name out of ur fat ugly mouth.n if u got so much to say feel free to statec ur name or come to our house if u want to keep ur shame private its up to u.good day to you n u only wish u were as good as us.  (Mar 1, 2013 | post #1)